Chapter 22: The door the twins opened!!

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3rd persons pov(A/N it takes a lot of time to write about the episode so I put it up for you to make it easier)

Emi ran around the room chasing Hikaru and Kaoru who were both holding Yuki-chan. Tamaki-senpai, Mori-senpai, Honey-senpai, Kyoya-senpai and Haruhi watched as she ran around the room. "Oh lord, can't they just give yuki back? She won't kill them, if they give it back." Haruhi huffed, crossing her arms. "Oh Tamaki-senpai, you are so sweet." A fan of Tamaki swooned, making Haruhi sigh again. "Oh lord." Haruhi huffed again. "Hey, give that back!!" Emi jumped up and down, as the twins teased her and Haruhi shook her head.

"Kyoya-senpai have the twins always been so closed off?" She asked Kyoya-senpai, who stood next to her. "From what I understand, they've always been in their own little world. Tamaki was the first one out of any of us to talk the twins, they really didn't like people back then. He basically tried to get them to join the club, when he first formed the club. They told him no and basically told him if he was able to figure out which was which, they would join the club." Kyoya explained, "Haruhiiiiii!!" Emi yelled from across the room, Haruhi turned her head slightly before yelling out in panic. Emi was crying with her hair all disheveled, she was bleeding as well and her uniform all messed up. "Oh Emi, how did that happen?" Haruhi walked over to her sister, as the twins stopped cheering.

"Here you go." Haruhi wrapped her finger, "You have to be more careful Emi." She scolded, wiping Emi's tears away. "Thanks haru-chan." Emi hugged her sister, and all the girls squealed.

After club hours, everyone noticed it was quiet. Haruhi looked around for her sister, and everyone heard light snoring from the couch. The hosts turned to see Emi had fallen asleep on the couch doing her homework. Tamaki squealed seeing emi's sleeping form, but was smacked on the head by Haruhi.

"Shh! Emi hasn't had much sleep in the past three days, she needs her rest." Haruhi walked over to Emi's backpack, then walked over to the couch. "Why is she not getting enough sleep, haru-chan?" Honey asked, "She's been studying a lot lately and she's been doing her homework. Dad comes home late, so she tries to stay awake long enough for her to say goodnight to him." Haruhi gathered all of Emi's papers and placed it into a folder.

Mori walked over and placed a blanket over Emi, who stirred a little and turned the other way. Tamaki turned red and went to touch Emi, but Haruhi smacked him. "She's been working so hard." Honey looked at the textbook on the table, "Yeah, she has." Hikaru picked up her book and a photo slipped out of the back of the textbook. It was a photo of a young boy and Emi, the two were smiling. "Haruhi, who is this?" Kaoru picked up the picture and Haruhi turned her head slightly to look at the picture.

"Oh you mean him?" She smiled lightly, looking at the picture. "He's another close friend of Emi, from grade school. He left for America three years ago. We hear from him now and then, by letters or by phone. It so happened that Emi had her first crush on this guy. He liked her back, but he couldn't stay here longer. His family owns a bakery here and in America, they made him go back to America to take over the business down that way. His name is Yori." Haruhi explained, still smiling as she looked at the picture.

"Wow, really?" Tamaki asked, "Yeah," Haruhi looked at the picture, reminiscing a good memory from when they were much younger. "Haruhi, say is his last name Hagiwara?" Kyoya pushed up his glasses, looking at his laptop.

"Yeah, why? You're looking him up, aren't you?" Haruhi shouted,  "Yes, ah... Found him. He supposedly is supposed to be transferring here to ouran academy and is gonna take over the Hagiwara bakery here." Kyoya explained, looking up from his laptop.

"What??? He's coming here?" Haruhi freaked, "What's wrong?" Hikaru asked, becoming curious. "Once he finds out that emi is dating Honey-senpai, he'll have a cow!" She sighed, shaking her head. "Why do you say that?" Kaoru popped up on the other side of Haruhi, "Haruhi?" Hikaru pooped up on the other side of Haruhi. "Because he still likes her." Haruhi revealed, making everyone gasp. "He still likes em-chan!!" Tamaki shouted. "Nobody other than Honey-senpai or the host club is allowed to touch my precious baby!!" He yelled loudly, which woke Emi up.

"Tama-chan, what's going on? What are you yelling about?" Emi rubbed her eyes, as Tamaki stopped yelling. "Did I wake you up? Oh I'm sorry, Emi." He turned to her and she laid back down, falling back asleep. "So how do you think Emi will react when she hears that he's coming here to Ouran?" Hikaru asked, looking over at Emi's sleeping figure. "I'm sure, she'll be happy." Haruhi smiled.

The next day.....

Emi was sleeping on Haruhi's back, as she walked them to the music room. When she walked in, she was greeted by rose petals to the face. "Hey haruhi, your late." Hikaru said, "Sorry, but emi fell asleep in her last class and the teacher came to get me. She said she didn't mind Emi sleeping in class, cause she knows she's been up studying and doing homework. So I had to take the homework from her last class and carry her all the way here." Haruhi explained to them, "I got her." Mori spoke out calmly, carefully taking Emi off haruhi's back. Kyoya gave him a blanket and he placed her on a bed. As club finally started, the door swung open.

"I heard that Emi Fujioka and Haruhi Fujioka are in this club, where can I find them?" A guy with short white hair asked, he was a little taller than Honey-senpai and Emi. "Yori?" Haruhi questioned, raising her eyebrows.

"Haruhi, I didn't recognize you!" He hugged her and she hugged back, happy to be reunited with another old friend. "Oh and by the way, don't tell anyone else that I'm a girl. I've already explained what happened and all the hosts know." Haruhi said to him and he nodded. "Where's emi?" He looked around, waiting for her. "Sleeping. Listen, its best if you don't try and kiss her. She has a boyfriend." She said and Yori looked down at the floor.

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