Chapter 44: Operation: Emi And Kaoru's Second Date!

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Haruhi's pov

"Hey Emi, how was class?" I asked, we were walking towards the club room. "Like hell... Stupid Akihiko.. Stupid Ian.." Emi muttered angrily, "Was it really that bad today?" I asked, "Yes. Hikaru and Ian finally got started on research but when Kaoru and I started setting up how the presentation would look, Akihiko stepped in. Which made another argument start.." I pushed the club room door open and we both walked in, placing our stuff down in our usual spot. "What happened in that argument?" I asked, "Akihiko said something really mean to me about fashion or something like that, which made both Hikaru and Kaoru yell at him. The whole thing blew up. I can't stand it!" Emi shook her head and trudged off to go put on the costumes we needed to put on.

"How is she doing?"

"I don't really know.. She seems like herself, but I can't tell if she's still hurting." I explained, "Well, actually we wanted to talk to you about that. Since club won't be starting for another 15 minutes, can we talk to you without Emi?" Kyoya-senpai asked, making me look at his with confusion but quickly wiped it away and nodded. Kyoya nodded his head, and waved for me to follow him.

"Say Haruhi, is Emi doing anything this weekend?" Kyoya-senpai asked, looking up from his computer. "No, why? Did you have something in mind?" I asked, turning to face him. "We were thinking of setting something up for Emi and Kaoru again. The first date they went on was successful, so we were thinking it would be good to get her mind off of everything." Kyoya-senpai explained, "Wait?! You guys set up a date between Emi and Kaoru? When did that happen?" Kasanoda asked, he was currently sitting at the table with Kyoya-senpai. "A while ago. The hosts set it up, since they thought it would be a good idea." Annabelle explained, when I heard shouting coming from across the room. "Huh?" Yori and I looked over across the room and I sighed as I watched what was going on.

Tamaki-senpai was chasing Emi around the club room with a weird outfit in his hand. "What happened to the outfit you gave Emi?" Hikaru asked, slinging an arm around me.

"Come on, Emi just put this on!!"

"No, I will not! That outfit is stupid!!" Emi shouted, "But come on!!!! Just put it on!! You have to be a girl today!!" Tamaki shouted, chasing Emi who jumped over the small coffee table and kept running from him. I sweatdropped, watching as she ran all over the room to get away from him. Mori-senpai didn't really acknowledge what was going on until she ran past his and Honey-senpai's table, even Honey-senpai was worried about Emi being chased around.

"So where should we have them go this time for a date?" Annabelle asked, she was leaning on Kyoya's chair. "Maybe a picnic at the beach? Or maybe a movie?" Kasanoda suggested, "That's perfect. We should have them go on a picnic. Emi likes picnics at the beach." I pounded my fist on my hand, turning towards Kyoya. "Then it's settled, we'll have them go there this Saturday. Which gives us today and tomorrow to plan it out." Kyoya-senpai explained, typing away on his computer.

"Emi, just get in the cute outfit!! You have to be a girl today!!!" I sighed, as my attention was turned back to Emi and Tamaki-senpai.

~Club is now open~

Emi stood in her position next to me wearing a cute frilly dress, which is something they had to force her in. She was not a happy camper, "Stupid Tamaki-senpai, stupid frilly dress..." Emi muttered quietly, I was the only one hearing her mutter while we stood in our places. "Emi, don't be so angry. You look adorable in that outfit." Hikaru teased, making Emi give him a glare. Hikaru quickly looked away, as I just shook my head with a small smile. She really did hate frilly dresses, it was the one thing she couldn't stand even when Mom would put them on her. The doors opened and once all the girls saw Emi, they freaked out.
"Oh my god, she's so cute!!!!" A girl screamed, which only made Emi sigh.

"Emi, you look so pretty in that dress." I noticed that Akihiko and Ian were sitting over in her area, she also very annoyed. "So Haruhi, do you have any plans this weekend?" One of my guests asked, "Actually I am... The hosts and I are doing something with Emi and Kaoru." I explained, "That should be fun." I nodded at Satsuki's comment and gave her a smile. My attention was brought away from the girls, when I heard crying. All the hosts must have noticed because all the conversation stopped, when I noticed the crying was coming from Emi's area.

"Wait, Emi don't cry... I didn't mean to bring it up." Ian apologized quickly, "See I told ya he would only cause problems. That's just how he is." Akihiko stated, crossing his arms as he turned his head away from Ian.

"Excuse me girls, for one moment." I stood up and headed over to Emi's area. "What did you do, Ian? Emi doesn't cry like this in public." Yori came over, crossing his arms as he stood there.

"He said something about how Emi should stop eating all those sweets or Em-kun will get fat and nobody will like him anymore." One of the girls spoke up, making me gape at Ian in shock. "You did what?!!" The twins shouted, becoming extremely angry with him. "Oh Emi, its okay." Tamaki-senpai comforted Emi, holding her close to him while he gave Ian a disappointed look. "Wait!!! I didn't mean for it to come out so bad!!" Ian shouted, "Get out of here." Yori stated, glaring at him with such hatred. I sighed,  shaking my head knowing this would be trouble.

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