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Name: Emi Fujioka

Age: 15

Birthday: February 4

Blood type: AB+

Hair color: brown

Eye color: blue

Height: 4'11

Weight: 132 lbs

Flaws: short tempered, impatient

Fears: being alone, thunderstorms, needles, large bugs, Hinako.

Personality: Kindhearted. She is protective of Haruhi, she is very energetic and cute. She can be sweet like Haruhi but when people mess with her, she tends to end up being very aggressive. She is caring, loveable and always puts others before herself. She likes to daydream sometimes but will always get her work done when necessary. Although she can be sweet and kind, Emi has a very bad temper and often gets angry easily. She is mischievous, charming, smart and very strong. She rarely uses her strength against people unless she absolutely needs to but other than that, she is pretty chill. She is always willing to help others, which makes her a very loveable person and is very loyal at heart. Emi looks up to Haruhi, since she took on the role of being somewhat like a mother to her.

Appearance: Emi has short brown hair, big blue eyes that she from their mother. She wears the boys uniform and always carries a white stuffed bunny. She is growing curvy and busty around the chest area, so the hosts have to wrap them up in bandages. Her short hair is trimmed well, tailored to look like Haruhi's. She stops carrying Yuki around, keeping her in a safe corner in the club room.

Dislikes: Mean people, Renge, people who hurt Haruhi, Kyoya( she hates him a little), bossy people, bullying, having no cake, strawberries, sweets (after the Honey incident)

Likes: Helping people, cake, Tamaki-senpai, the hosts. Nekozawa-senpai, playing with the Hitachiin twins. Club, the guests, Haruhi, Ranka. Long walks, the beach.

Backstory: Born in a family of four, Emi was the youngest child. Haruhi and Emi are fraternal twins, but Haruhi is older than Emi by four hours. Growing up the two were very close and often played together. As Emi got older, she started to admire her mother for her hard work. Eventually she became very close to her mom, and would even dress up like her. After her mom passed, she met Arai and Annabelle in middle school. She had always been shy in school but outside of school, when haruhi, her, Arai and Annabelle hung out she was herself. In their second year of middle school, Emi and Haruhi met Yori, Annabelle's brother. The four were inseparable, until Arai moved away after their last year in middle school. For a certain amount of time, Emi dealt with a bit of depression which didn't go unnoticed by Ranka and Haruhi. In that time, Ranka and Emi became close and eventually Emi went back to being her sweet self. Before starting high school, they learned that Yori and Annabelle were moving away to take care of their family's bakery they had in the states. Thus leaving Haruhi and Emi to starting a new school with no one they knew until they met the hosts. Upon meeting Mitsukuni Haninozuka, she develops a crush and the two eventually end up as a couple.

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