Chapter 19: Lobelia Girls' Academy strikes back

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Emi's pov

As Haruhi and I walked out the door to go shopping, we were suddenly grabbed by the arms. Hinako had me fully in her arms rubbing her face with mine, which really creeped me out. While Haruhi had it easier, Chizuru wasn't like Hinako. The window was rolled down and we saw Benio, which is weird. This is just too weird, this reminded me of Tamaki-senpai. "Good work girls," She said to them, she was wearimg shades. I was too creeped out, so I elbowed Hinako in the gut and she collapsed to the ground. Usually this happened with the twins, which brought me back to the memory of when we went to that pool place with Honey-senpai and the others. But I hated being picked up so suddenly, especially by Hinako. She was a lot worse than Renge and coming from me, that says a lot. Especially because I dislike Hinako, just as much as I dislike Renge.

Hinako quickly got back up and we both were shoved in the car. I swear to god if Dad doesn't come get us, I might explode. I didn't like how I was being squeezed between Benio and Hinako. It was bad enough Benio was way to tall but Hinako was so annoying and didn't respect personal space. As soon as we got to there school, we were brought into a room and shoved in costumes. They told us that Haruhi would play the maiden, that was getting her first kiss. I sighed inwardly at their stupidity, Haruhi got her first kiss at the ball we had when we first joined the club. They saw that Haruhi couldn't sing, so they had her lip-sync but then they tested me. I've been singing since I was four, so I was naturally talented. The girls weeped at my beautiful voice, making me turn to look outside. I honestly wanted nothing more than to get out of here, this day just kept getting worse. I made a sudden plan in my head to grab Haruhi and jump out of the window, but I knew it wouldn't work. I spotted Dad and smiled at him, before I was whisked away and put into another costume. I became flustered that the costume itself, since it was both stupid and downright embarrassing.

"Haruhi, can you tell Benio to tell Hinako to stop with that and the cheek rubbing? I feel very uncomfortable about it and only Dad and Tamaki could do that." I whispered to her. She told them, making Hinako bow in front of me as she apologized. "I'm sorry about that, but you're just so cute!" Hinako squealed, swinging me around again. This made me panic, but also annoyed seeing Tamaki-senpai did the same thing.

"H-ar-uh-iiiiii!" I yelled, feeling dizzy from all the spinning. But before anything else could happen, I was plucked from her hold by Benio. "Thanks Benio, I'm so dizzy." I swayed a little after she had put me down but Haruhi caught me, slightly worried.

As the play went on it was time for haruhi's big part and i was finally out of costume, but in a itchy dress up on stage. As Benio's character died Haruhi lip-synced but it was solo. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Dad, Tamaki and the host club standing in the audience. I perked up seeing them, knowing they were trying to get us out of here. Suddenly Benio took Haruhi hostage, yelling that she was going to kiss her. But before she could do that, a picture of Haruhi and the girl from before kissing showed up on the background. I started laughing, when Benio freaked out about Haruhi having her first kiss. I was too busy laughing to realize that I had ended up high on the stage with Haruhi, as Benio tried to kiss me. Before she could touch me, a picture of me and Honey-senpai kissing for the first time showed up. I sighed in relief as Benio backed away from me in shock, but became slightly frightened since Dad saw the picture. Dad didn't like the pictures at all, so he ran up to the stage. Tamaki tried to catch Haruhi but drastically failed, oh I did see that coming. Mori stood there with his arms out and caught me easily, which made Tamaki-senpai look weak. Soon Benio and Dad started chasing Haruhi and yelling about her having her first kiss already. I stood on stage, watching as they followed after Haruhi. I sighed deeply, knowing that something was going to have to happen if they would stop chasing Haruhi.

"All I wanted to do was shop in peace with Emi!!" Haruhi shouted, as Benio and Dad continued to chase her around. I couldn't believe they were still chasing her, I let out a small sigh and shook my head. I let out a small yelp, when Dad's eyes looked over at me. I could tell he was also angry with me but I didn't feel running from him, it was too much work to. Dad looked really scary, but turned his attention back to Haruhi. I finally took notice of the monkey, watching as he threw a banana peel on the stage which made everyone slip. I took this chance to leave the stage and go change backstage, finally able to get back into my comfortable clothes. I managed to get all the makeup off of my face, and walked back out to see that everyone was a mess. I took a spoy next to Honey-senpai, laughing at everyone on stage which in turn made Hikaru and Kaoru laugh along with me.

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