Chapter 21: Emi's behavior change!!!

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Emi's pov

After school, Haruhi and I rushed to the club to get ready for Danny and his brother to come. Tamaki-senpai squealed at the fact that he would be able to see me in a dress. Honey and Mori stood outside the door, as Haruhi helped me get dressed. I ended up in a pretty blue dress, that was laced with black and a big black bow. My hair was brushed out and a huge bow was put in my hair. I wore black boots with low cut heels, when the club opened none of the girls criticized the fact that I was in a dress.

They all kept giving me hugs and some ended up passing out, when I jumped on Tamaki-senpai's lap. I couldn't get Tamaki-senpai to let me go after that, he kept rubbing his face against mine and swung me around the room. Haruhi smacked him on the back of the head, scolding him for swinging me around so much. "You very pretty in that dress Emi," Kaoru picked me up, taking me away from Tamaki-senpai's grasp.

"Thanks Kaoru," I smiled and kissed his cheek, skipping off when he put me down. After a while, Renge showed up in a red dress and started talking about how I look better as a girl. "Tamaki-senpai, do you think Danny will show up?" I walked over to him, I was becoming curious.

"I'm sure he will, my darling. You look so nice for him not to show up." Tamaki kissed my hand, and I walked away. After waiting an hour for Danny and Maou to show up, I was still sitting there by the window. By then the club was closed, but I was still waiting for them.

"Hey, why don't you go get changed?" Tamaki squatted in front of me, but I shook my head. "No, I'm good. Besides he'll be here, just trust me." I smiled at him and looked back at the window and Tamaki walked away.

~Haruhi's pov~

Tamaki walked back over to us, as we watched Emi. "I don't think he'll show up." Hikaru stood next to me, "Me neither, he is at least two hours late." Kyoya pushed his glasses up, "Then why is she still waiting for him?" Hikaru asked, looking over to Haruhi.

"Because she has faith in people, she doesn't care who it is she'll always have faith in people." I said, looking at her and smiled. "She's been this way, since we were old enough to walk and talk." I looked at Tamaki, who was smiling at her. Another hour passed and it was time for us to go home. She started crying when we got home, and I pulled into her a hug.

The next morning, Emi seemed different she had the boys jacket unbuttoned and seemed really gloomy. Kaoru and Hikaru noticed that she had been quiet all day. She would constantly yell at the twins, if they were being annoying and would cry at certain times of the day. I constantly had to hug her, she ended up falling asleep while we were going to the music room so I carried her there. Her brown hair was all messy, sticking in many directions. I set her on the bed, that mysteriously appeared when I got here. "What's wrong with her?" Tamaki walked over to me, he seemed genuinely worried about her.

"She's been quiet all day and she yelled at us." Kaoru explained, looking over at Emi's sleeping figure. "Maybe it has to do with the fact that Danny never arrived and that she was stood up." Kyoya pushed his glasses up, "That's not good at all." Tamaki-senpai sighed, holding his chin. When the club finally did open all Emi did was sit on Tamaki-senpai's lap and said nothing, while he wooed girls. The girls gushed over how cute Emi was, but she didn't respond. The club door opened, catching my attention as I spotted Danny and Maou stood there. Mori-senpai and Honey-senpai noticed them, I rushed over pulling Tamaki-senpai away from the girls.

"You guys can't be here, especially since you didn't show up yesterday." I shook my head, I was angry with them. "Well we came to say were sorry, we had a problem yesterday." Danny explained, looking sad.

"We didn't mean to stand Emi up, it's just that Maou's girlfriend was in an accident." We didn't notice that Emi was standing behind us. "A girlfriend?" Emi had tears in her eyes and before any of us could say anything, she ran off crying which made Tamaki-senpai chase after her. "Leave." I pushed them out the door, not caring if the guests saw.

The next morning, Emi seemed herself again. Maybe tamaki-senpai said something that made her happy, which made me smile. "So Tamaki-senpai, what did you say to Emi to make her seem herself?" We watched, as she and Honey-senpai ran around the club room playing with some girls. "I can't tell you that, besides she's so cute." Tamaki said, making me shake my head. I was finally happy to see Emi was back to herself again, I hated seeing her so upset.

She was walking past us and Tamaki-senpai suddenly grabbed her, swinging her around and ranting how cute she is. "Ha-ru-h-iii! Help!" I smacked Tamaki-senpai on the back of the head, snatching her away from him as Emi giggled. I put her down and watched as she hopped on Hikaru's back, running around the club room. I smiled at them and decided to take a picture of it. This moment will be caught forever.

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