Chapter 32: Family means Everything!

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Haruhi's pov

It was now November, we were pretty excited because our aunt would visit Japan to come see us. Emi and I were walking to class, Emi seemed a little out of it. Not sure why though, I wasn't worried though. If she was going through something she would tell me, and she also has the hosts. But something was definitely up, and I was going to get to the bottom of it. "Emi Fujioka, please read the second paragraph." The teacher turned to our table, "Emi Fujioka!" I looked to the side, seeing her frantically sit and pick up the book. "What page sir?" She asked, quickly flipping through the book. "Emi, go stand outside. It is unacceptable to be sleeping in my class." The kids in the class except for me, and the twins were laughing at her behavior. She trudged over to the teacher's desk "Gomensai," She walked out of the classroom. Hikaru and Kaoru looked to me, since they sat on either side of me with Emi being to my left.

"What's going on with her?" I shrugged my shoulders and waited for class to end. I picked up my stuff and Emi's stuff, walking out of the classroom with Hikaru and Kaoru. "There she is... Talking to the teacher." Hikaru pointed out, as we saw Emi and the teacher talking. Once the teacher walked away, we went over to Emi. "Hey, Emi how you feeling?" I passed her, her bookbag. "I'm fine. Don't worry about me." She gave us a smile and skipped away, leaving us standing there in confusion.

"Come on, or we'll be late for club. Tamaki-senpai will get mad!" She sang, as she skipped further down the hallway. She disappered from site, the twins looked at the spot she disappeared from. "What's going on with her?" Hikaru blinked, "She had a mood swing, that's not normal. Something's definitely wrong." Kaoru put his hand on my shoulder, "We're gonna have to figure it out before thanksgiving break. I'm not gonna give up, until i find out what's wrong with her." I slammed my fist in my hand, "Well, we only have three days. That's not enough time, Haruhi." Hikaru placed his arm over my head, "I know, but we need to figure out what's wrong with her. Let's go to the clubroom before we're late and Tamaki-senpai throws a fit." They sighed and I walked away from the two. When we got near the club room, Emi had been standing in front of the door.

"Emi, I thought you went into the clubroom already," She shook her head, looking up at me.

"No, Haruhi. I was waiting for you guys. Come on or we'll be late!" She grabbed my arm and opened the door, "We're here Tamaki-senpai!" She yelled, causing the members to turn their attention to her. "You guys made it on time for once. I'm surprised." Kyoya-senpai pushed up his glasses, "Awwww, look at my sweet daughters, holding hands. That's just so cute!" He picked Emi up and rubbed his cheek to her's, before he started playing with her. I went to the corner to put our bookbags down, but something fell out of Emi's bag. It was Yuki, and I had noticed she was dirty.

"Hey Kyoya-senpai," I grabbed Yuki and walked over to him, "What is it, Haruhi?" He stopped typing and looked up at me, since he was still sitting down. "Do you think you can wash Yuki?" I motioned to her in my arms and Kyoya took her from me. "Yes, don't worry about it. But may I ask, why is it so dirty?" Kyoya-senpai got up from his seat. "I'm not sure, it was in her bookbag like that." He walked away and I looked around the clubroom looking for Emi. "Haruhi my dear, what's wrong?" Tamaki-senpai wrapped his arms around me from behind. "Will you not do that? I'm looking for Emi. Do you know where she is?" I asked, him as he let go of me.

"I thought I saw her go into the kitchen to help Yori bake the sweets." Just as he said that, we heard a loud boom come from the kitchen. "What was that?" Honey stopped eating his cake, looking over to us.

"Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................" We walked to the kitchen seeing Emi crying her eyes out with anime tears, her hair blown back and her uniform covered in cake. Yori was a total mess and I noticed both of them had soot on their faces. "What happened in here?" Tamaki-senpai and i blinked in shock seeing that the kitchen was covered in flour, cake batter and cake frosting.

"Emi blew up the cake. She blew it up." Yori sounded a little frustrated as Hikaru, Kaoru and Annabelle bursted out laughing.

"How does she blow up a cake?" I shook my head, going back to my bag and grabbing the extra clothes I brought for her. "Emi, blew up a cake. Man how does that happen?" Kaoru slapped Hikaru on the head, as Honey-senpai glared at them. Emi was still crying her eyes out, I was going to go comfort her but Honey-senpai beat me to it. "It's okay, I know you were trying hard to bake that cake. Why did you want to?" Honey took a wet nap and started cleaning her face off, "Because I wanted to bake a cake for you and Mori-senpai. I wanted you to have that before we left on break." She sniffled, as he cleaned her face. "That's so sweet. You didn't have to god through all that trouble, I would have just settled with you being here." Honey-senpai gave her a smile and she hugged him.

"So, what do you think we should do now?" I turned to Tamaki-senpai, "Maybe, clean up first. And then we can have a feast." Tamaki-senpai clapped in enthusiasm, "Let's do it!!" Hikaru yelled, "Yeah," Emi smiled, "Looks like I'll have to make some calls." Kyoya pushed up his glasses and took out his phone. We all cleaned up the kitchen, which in turn took an hour.

"Will you two stop arguing and just clean?!" Annabelle yelled at Emi and Yori, and occasionally Hikaru and Kaoru got into arguments with Tamaki. As I stood there watching the other hosts laugh, I looked over to Emi. She was currently laughing with Honey-senpai while Mori-senpai was standing next to them, slightly smiling. I realized that she had stayed up all night last night, because she was trying to bake a cake for Honey-senpai. I smiled to myself, happy that there wasn't anything wrong with her. "Hey, come on Haruhi! We're getting ready to eat." Emi waved to me, "Coming," I shook my head, with a smile on my face and walked towards her. "Yay! We're having a feast." Emi grabbed my hand and held onto Honey-senpai's arm.

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