Chapter 34: New Years Eve Party

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Emi's pov

I'm so excited!!! For one, break is around the corner and two our party is today. All of us were currently setting up the ballroom for the Christmas party, and I was having so much fun. Not only that but it had started snowing this morning, so we had the heat on to keep warm and Yori made Hot Chocolate for us. "So, did you ask Mori-senpai to the dance yet?" Haruhi and I were putting streamers up on the ceiling, "No... I haven't got the courgae to. It's already the day of and I'm helping you guys set up. What should I do Haruhi?" Annabelle gave me a piece of tape that I needed and looked to Haruhi. "Well, we can go over and ask Honey-senpai if Mori-senpai will accept your invitation. Or you can go to Tamaki-senpai, he's knows much much more about this than we do." Haruhi reached out for some tape and Anna handed her some. "How about this? How about I go with you to ask Honey-senpai to help us ask Mori-senpai for you?" I smiled at her and she began blushing, "Thanks. I would like that a lot." She blushed making Haruhi laugh as Kaoru and Hikaru walked by. "Hey you guys need any help?" Hikaru called up to us, "Yeah, I need to hang up the other side but I can't reach it and neither can Haruhi." I pointed to the other end, "Kaoru, why don't you help her? I'll hold the ladder." Hikaru pushed his brother forward making him groan as Hikaru chuckled at his brother. "How is it going? Is everything almost in place?" Kyoya-senpai walked over to us with his black book in his hand, "Yes, Kaoru is helping me put up the other side of the streamers and then we'll be done." I smiled at him as he pushed his glasses up. A few minutes later, Kaoru finished putting up the other side of streamers and we both headed down the ladder. He went down first and I went down second, "I have some more Hot chocolate!!" I got over excited hearing Yori yell that he had more hot chocolate. I loved his hot chocolate so much, "I want a cup!!" I turned my head and raised a hand making him chuckle as he set them down on a table but when I moved my foot, I lost my footing. "EMI!!" Kaoru shouted loudly catching everyone's attention as I fell off the ladder. "Emi!!" Everyone ran over and I closed my eyes tightly as I fell but didn't hit the ground. "Kaoru! Emi?! Are you two okay?" I heard Haruhi's voice ring out and I opened my eyes to see that I was in someone's arms.

"I got you, there's no need to worry." My eyes shifted to Kaoru's worried face and I started to calm down. "Emi, are you alright?" Renge pushed her way through our small group and bent down next to Kaoru, he was kneeling on the ground. "I'm okay, I'm fine thanks to Kaoru." I breathed in and out, "That's it. Daddy says no more ladders and you are forbidden from ever using one!" Tamaki-senpai pointed to the ladder, "What kind of nonsense is that, Tamaki?" Kyoya pushed up his glasses again and looked to Tamaki, "What do you mean nonsense?!! She almost fell off a ladder. She could have broken something! My poor baby could've have broken bones!" Tamaki-senpai took me out of Kaoru's arms and hugged me tightly swinging me around. "Ha-ru-h-iii! He-lp-- m-m-eee!"

Hours later.....

They stuck me in a suit this time, the party was going to start in five minutes and everyone did last minute preparations for the party. "Is everyone ready to open the doors? Are the guests ready?" Kyoya-senpai asked as he pushed his glasses up as I got into position. This time around Yori and Anna had officially become apart of the host club, it was funny when Tamaki first told them about it. "Yes, all the guests are ready to come in and enjoy the party." Hikaru bowed so Kyoya signaled him to open the door. The guests crowded in, "Welcome to Ouran Academy's first annual New Years' Party!!" Tamaki-senpai yelled into the mic making the girls and guys cheer. "We have a special night planned for you folks but until then just enjoy the food, the music and the drinks. Each host will be in a spot in the room and you can choose which ever host you would like to spend your evening with. We are also holding voting to see who is the better host." Haruhi gave him a blank look but I gave him a questioning look as we stood on his right. "What's he planning now?" Haruhi muttered grumpily and I shrugged, "Beats me. Lighten up Haruhi. Maybe it's something good." I looked back at her, "I doubt it. This guy doesn't usually come up with the best ideas and he reacts to things way over the top. I think Kyoya-senpai set this up considering Tamaki-senpai doesn't really know how to come up with good ideas." Haruhi blandly stated as Hikaru and Kaoru queitly agreed with her. "You're right as always Haruhi. I did in fact set this up." Kyoya-senpai popped out from nowhere in this nice black suit which made him look handsome.
"Which ever host gets the most votes then they win a luxurious vacation to Japan's most gorgeous hot springs!" Haruhi looked to Tamaki like he was crazy while I got excited making Annabelle laugh at me. "There's no way Tamaki-senpai could have set this up so Kyoya-senpai did set this up." Honey stepped out from behind Mori in a nice suit making him look cute. I went over to Honey-senpai and gave him a small hug, "Aww, they're both so adorable!" The girls yelled but then the boys started noticing that I wasn't wearing a dress but they did notice Annabelle. "We have a new host and her name is Annabelle. Please treat her the way you would treat Emi if she was a girl." Kyoya-senpai announced and Anna was immediately swarmed by the guys. I picked my spot towards the back area of the room and was surrounded by both girls and boys mainly because Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai were sitting with me. "How do you like the New Years' Party, Emi?" One of the girls asked as I looked around seeing the other hosts including my sister having fun, I looked back at the girl and smiled brightly "Yes, I am. Thanks for asking."

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