Chapter 9: A challenge from the lobelia's girls academy

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Emi's pov

Today the host club was in business, but I was so tired. I stayed up till three in the morning, because I was studying for a big test. Right now, I was sitting on Mori's lap.  "Hyaaaaaaaaaa!!" I yawned, which made all the girls scream as I got off his lap. Normally, I am okay with it but my brain hurt.

"Girls, can you not scream? I stayed up to late because I had to study." The twins and Tamaki heard, so they sent off Haruhi to get more coffee. I decided to climb kyoya's back and just stay there. Then I overheard two of our customers as they were leaving, that ouran was holding an upcoming cultural exposition. I got off his back, standing by the window to see when Haruhi appears.

As Haruhi returns from shopping with a bag full of instant coffee, an out-of-nowhere ape appears to drop a banana peel on the sidewalk upon which Haruhi slips, falling into the arms of a tall girl wearing a school uniform other than Ouran Academy's.

As soon as I saw that women holding Haruhi that way, I yelled out of the window. I guess they heard because all of the host club, Haruhi and that lady looked at me. "Let her go! Let go off Haruhi! Tamaki-senpai there is a pervert touching Haruhi, so help me god you let go of her now or Else!" I yelled, I was going to jump until Tamaki-senpai, the twins and kyoya held me back. The thing is it was difficult because we were cosplaying as medieval nights. As soon as haruhi and that women come into music room three but i didnt see her. Finally she walked out and the lady confessed her undying love to haruhi. As Tamaki flips out and demands that she unhand Haruhi, he's given an upper cut and falls back, crying. Kyoya recognizes the uniforms and confirms that the three interlopers are from St. Lobelia Girls' Academy. The Lobelia maidens are suddenly seen in flashy costumes, announcing that they are the leaders of their school's White Lily League aka Zuka Club: Benio Amakusa, Chizuru Maihara and Hinako Tsuwabuki. The hosts are flabbergasted, all except for the twins and me, who find them hysterically funny.

Renge appears on her motorized platform with her, by now, trademark evil laugh. Saying that she's always been fascinated by girls' schools, she goes on to share what she knows about St. Lobelia's and The Zuka Club, a society for strong young maidens who consider themselves superior to men in every way. She admits that while she admires the school, she could never attend there because it lacks boys. Then, as mysteriously as she arrives, she departs. I was still laughing until Benio showed at my side "I know that this one is a girl too." Hinako grabbed me and screamed "She's so cute!" she instantly started to swing me around. "Daddy, get her off she's a child molester! Someone help me. I'm so dizzy and i want to go to sleep!" i yelled as i was suddenly snatched away from her by Tamaki. He then set me down and i hid behind his leg. Benio kept raving about their school and the zuka club but i couldn't help bit laugh. Haruhi hit me over the head with a rolled up newspaper "Don't laugh its not that funny," she muttered under her breath. She was interrupted by benio who was interrupted by kyoya. Kyoya looked at us "Well since we have been selling merchandise we have also sold haruhi's mechanical pencil and also have sold Emi's bunny Ears." What they sold my bunny ears but that was gift from mom that came along with Yuki-chan. Yuki is actually in arms as we speak right now. "You sold emi's bunny ears without her permission and my mechanical pencil why would you do that?" Haruhi yelled while looking at kyoya's laptop. Haruhi looked at the hosts with anger benio said "my dear maidens why don't you come with us to our school and join the zuka club?" Haruhi then responded "I'll think about it," causing all the hosts to turn white. I looked at like she had grown two heads and Tamaki literally fell and broke. He started crying "Haruhi you don't mean that do you? Do you hate the host club?" Tamaki yelled while crying. She turned a blind eye to him and the Zuka club left. Haruhi turned a blind eye to them and walked out of the room. Tamaki then said "We must find a way to keep both Emi and Haruhi in the host club!" I shook my head and honey whispered in my ear "Meet me in the courtyard in three minutes i have a surprise, takashi won't be there." I giggled and walked out. After three minutes i appeared in the courtyard and honey was there already.

Kaoru's pov

We all went in the courtyard, me hikaru, tamaki, haruhi, kyoya and Mori. We saw both honey and emi talking. They seemed to have like each other. Tamaki then whispered "What are they doing?" We heard laughter and looked back at them to see them kissing. wait what. Haruhi was fuming and said "why didn't they tell us they were going out?!!"

Emi's POV

Well. We kissed again but this kiss felt different it was filled with passion. I wrapped my arms around his neck and we continued kissing. We kept walking back until we fell into a bush and we started laughing. Honey "You're pretty you know that, i love you." i blushed "You're handsome you know that, i love you too." When we fell through the bush we landed in an awkward position basically it looks like he is pinning me down. He then kissed my neck causing me to giggle. "Honey-senpai, what if haruhi and tamaki find out? What will we do?" I asked him. He stopped and looked me in the eyes "We'll keep it a secret if haruhi found out she might ban us from seeing each other." i smiled and he kissed me again. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and somehow he made me moan in pleasure. We both froze and he sat up. "Did you just," honey started "moan in your mouth?" I finished. We looked at each other and we both groaned. Honey giggled and then he started laughing. We both got up, fixed our clothing and i went to find haruhi.

Kaoru's POV

They fell into a bush near us and it looked like he had pinned her down. Honey kissed her neck and emi asked something we could hear and see everything. Then they kissed again and i guess he had pushed his tongue in her mouth and then she moaned in pleasure causing both of them to stop. They eventually left and as they both parted ways honey yelled "We are going to find a way to keep you guys in the host club." emi smiled and picked up yuki, "I know," she yelled back. We were left in amazement even mori was surprised. Then we heard emi yell loud "I'm in love yay! Whoohooo!" and ran off.
The following day, the Zuka Club returns to Ouran to take Haruhi by force, if need be. When they arrive at Music Room #3, however, they are greeted by us. We were cosplaying as girls to show Haruhi that if she stays at Ouran, she'll have "sisters" as well as "brothers." While the Zuka Club find their actions insulting and useless, Haruhi finds it hilarious. She turns down the The Zuka Club saying that she came to Ouran to seriously study and never really considered leaving; she only got angry at the hosts for taking her pencil without asking. Defeated but not out, the Zuka Club leaves with a promise to yet win over Haruhi and to destroy the Host Club. As they leave, they trip over banana peels.

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