Chapter 36: Akihiko is a new what?!!

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Emi's pov

"Ughhhh," I banged my head repeatedly against the wall and groaned while Akihiko the Narcissistic jerk ranted about how handsome he was and I was losing my sanity each minute, I listened to him. "You must be so overjoyed with me ranting that you can't take anymore of it. Well, I'm sorry to have to turn you down. But I have feelings for someone else although they might not return the feelings that I have. If they don't then I wouldn't mind you being my girl." He stated flicking a part of his hair like Tamaki does, "How about this? I'll take this back and leave." I grabbed letter from Akihiko and marched away angrily down the hall but as I was walking away, I tripped over myself. I heard rushing footsteps and was helped to stand but my ankle gave out on me and I fell making the person catch me, "Jeez are you usually a clumsy girl when you're mad?" Akihiko asked as I clenched my teeth in pain. "Can you stand?" He tried to help me up and I shook my head as I groaned in pain. "You must have hurt your ankle. Here," Akihiko sat me down and checked my ankle making me hiss in pain. "I'm sorry about this. Sometimes I can go overboard with talking about myself. I feel that this is my fault. Here climb on my back and I'll take you back to the other hosts maybe they can help." I hesitated and gave him a glare, "Why should I trust you? You were just being an arse and ranting about your looks. You're worse than Tamaki." I stated looking up at him and then the door opened. Akihiko and I looked at the end of the hallway to see Satsuko at the end of the hallway. "Ohhh, was I interrupting something?" I could see the tears in her eyes and before Akihiko could say anything she ran off. "Akihiko go after her. I'll be fine just find one of the hosts. They'll take care of me." I gave him a shove and he ran off after her. I scooted closer to the wall and lifted myself up despite my ankle being in pain, I cried out as I hit the floor and then the door creaked. "Emi?!" I looked up to see Haruhi and Tamaki-senpai. "Oh my gosh, Emi what happened?" They both rushed over to me, "And why are you in a dress?" Tamaki-senpai asked as he bent down, "Hikaru and Kaoru came up with a plan and forced me in this dress. And I was helping somebody with an issue but they made angry so I stormed off and tripped over myself in these stupid heels. I think I sprained my ankle cause I can't even stand properly." I hissed when Tamaki touched it so instead he had me crawl on his back. "Where is the suit we gave you?" I pointed to the room the twins pushed me out of and he walked over there. He opened the door and there sat Hikaru and Kaoru in a rocking chair, but they had their backs turned to us and Haruhi looked pissed. "Hey, you're back early. So how'd-" The two instantly freaked out hiding behind their chairs as Haruhi flicked the light on. "What in God's name did you two come up with?!! You do realize, she tripped and might have sprained her ankle!" Haruhi grew pissed as they grew smaller in size. "Haruhi, they aren't the ones who came up with the plan. It was me and partly the twins, I even got Annabelle in on it." Kyoya stated turning his chair around and pushing up his glasses, "Well we need to change her out of her clothes and take her to a doctor. She might have a sprained ankle." Haruhi stated and Annabelle gave me my suit as Tamaki gave me to Haruhi and she went with me in the changing room. She helped me get out of the dress, take the wig and make up off and made me seem like a boy again. "So what was it that they had you do?" She was brushing my hair at the moment, "I had to help a guy convey his feelings for a girl, who felt the same way but he's really narcissistic and I hated that. So I stormed off and then tripped over myself." I looked down at the floor, "But do you realize Tamaki-senpai is just a bit narcissistic in his own way?" I looked up at her with surprise as she came around the front of to fix my tie.

"Haruhi... He's a different kind of narcissistic. What is dad gonna say if he finds out about my ankle?" Haruhi sighed and then smiled at me, "It'll be fine. Don't worry-" There was a knock at the door and we looked towards it, "Hey, Haruhi. Kyoya called in a doctor. She's out here can she come in?" Tamaki-senpai's voice rang out from behind the door, "Yes. You can send her in." Haruhi stood up as a woman with long black hair that curled at the ends entered the room. She introduced herself and then examined my ankle, "How bad?" Tamaki-senpai asked a bit curious. "It's not to bad. But I would say it's sprained. So I'll wrap your foot. You'll have to take moltrin for pain and stay off of the foot for a while. So I suggest getting crutches or having someone carry you." She looked back at Tamaki and Kyoya and then took her leave. I looked out of the window of the room and he downstairs, I could see Akihiko and Satsuko. It looked like Akihiko was telling her what happened and how he felt because I could see how happy she was. "I'm sorry about this Emi. We didn't mean for you to get hurt." I shook with head with a small smile, "It's fine. Besides look down there."

The hosts smiled as they watched Akihiko and Satsuko laugh and have a good time. "You did good my precious little one. You are most certainly becoming an amazing host. This should be the last time he comes by." Tamaki placed a hand on my head and smiled down at me as I looked up at him. "Well about that...." I looked over at Kyoya who slammed his book shut, "Apparently Akihiko likes the hosts and wants to meet Emi. So he will be a new customer for Emi." My jaw dropped and I looked at Kyoya in confusion. "What?!!!" Hikaru, Kaoru, Annabelle and I shouted all together in unison. "Wait, but why is that so bad?" Honey-senpai asked as he popped up from behind Kaoru, "He's a jerk." I stated looking angrily at Kyoya not believing that he did this.

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