Chapter 15: Hikaru and Haruhi's First Date!!

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Emi's pov

All of the hosts were sitting down, while Belle and Arai were telling them stories of us in middle school. "Well for Emi, it was the same. Boys declared their love to everyday, of the week like with Haruhi. Emi was shy back in middle school, when we met she hid behind Haruhi." Tamaki chuckled and I noticed that Belle was staring at Mori-senpai, which made me smile. Hikaru is immediately jealous while Tamaki is depressed, having been called an acquaintance instead of Haruhi's senpai, despite the fact that it's exactly what he instructed her to do yesterday. Arai expresses his relief that Haruhi and I are doing well at Ouran, because he was worried about us. Hikaru blasts what he considers to be Arai's lame flirting and openly states that Arai clearly has a "thing" for Haruhi. Haruhi chides him for being a jerk, but Arai admits that he was interested in Haruhi while they were in middle school. I squealed, becoming estatic that he had just revealed that.

"That's so cute!!" I rubbed cheeks with Arai, who just chuckled at my odd behavior. "I'm used to this," Arai chuckled, which made the hosts confused.

"Why?" Honey-senpai asked and I noticed that Kaoru was just as curious as Honey-senpai. "Well when it was just Belle, Haruhi and I. She loved to act like this, she knew that I liked haruhi and every time I did something. Like blushed or laughed, she rubbed her cheeks with mine. I was first weirded out, but I got used to it after a while." Arai explained, "Did you ever ask her out?" Kyoya-senpai asked, "I sort of did. But she turned me down." Arai stated, which made me disappointed. I wasn't there when this happened, I wish I had been.

"How about this?" Belle spoke up loudly, so that everyone could hear. "How about we go into town tomorrow and just hang? Emi, Arai, Haruhi and I? What do you say?" Belle asked, as her arm wrapped around my neck. I chuckled, wrapping my arms around her.

"Can I come?" Tamaki asked, in depressing tone. "Of course, you can!!" She shouted and Tamaki-senpai barked. I got up and tugged on Kaoru's shirt, which made him look down at me. "Kaoru, Hikaru would you like to come? It would be awesome if you did." I asked, as he bent down in front of me. "Sure," He gave me a big smile, I kissed his cheek and he blushed. I walked over to the group as Tamaki started moping even more, which basically kind of made the room fill with tension. As Arai explained everything Hikaru loudly criticizes Arai, causing Haruhi to walk over to him and slap him very hard. Embarrassed and irate, Hikaru wonders aloud why Haruhi needs anyone else but the Host Club as friends and storms off, Kaoru trailing after him. He was trying to calm Hikaru down, which made me wonder why Hikaru was so mad at Arai. Wow. I felt bad, I looked towards Haruhi and she shook her head.

I ran up the stairs to go talk to hikaru, when I overheard the two talking. I realized that Hikaru likes Haruhi, which is why he was so angry with Arai. He was jealous of Arai, maybe it was because of how close they were.

"Are you serious? You're confronting me about liking someone, when you like Emi and won't fess up!" Hikaru yelled at his brother. "Sorry, Hikaru." Kaoru said, but he didn't deny it. Kaoru Hitachiin is in love with me. I gasped and found myself tearing up, at the new found information. I ran down the stairs, whipping my face off all emotion and stood next to Haruhi and Honey-senpai.

After Arai and Annabelle left, Haruhi asks Kaoru why he's pretending to be Hikaru, being the only one who knew it. Kaoru said Hikaru's temper won't abate for some time, then asks Haruhi for a favor or, to be accurate, a date. The next day in town, Hikaru shows up in Kaoru's place telling her that Karou isn't feeling well. The hosts and I were all following the two, hoping that Hikaru would finally apologize to Haruhi. Hikaru started off on the wrong foot by calling Haruhi's outfit weird, which annoyed me.
We were growing disheartened by Hikaru's un-gentlemanly words and actions, I wish he would stop being so rude.

"Why did you set this up, Kaoru?" I asked, looking over to him.

"Hikaru needs to learn how to think of others' needs." Kaoru explained, I slightly smiled as he said that. His subesequent monologue reveals his innate common sense and sensitivity, impressing the rest of us greatly.

As Hikaru continues being a jerk and Haruhi continues being polite about it, I noticed storm clouds developing. The date continues and being empathetic, Haruhi purchases a get-well gift for Kaoru knowing that Hikaru's selfish behavior is due to his worrying about his brother. When Hikaru asks how she can tell he's upset about Kaoru, she says she just can; the fact being that it is Haruhi's attention to details regarding her friends that enables her to know them so well. The moment Haruhi "includes" Kaoru, the date begins to improve and the hosts leave them alone. I noticed that there were signs of rain and thunder coming, the others tried to calm me down.

After a while, I went off in search of Haruhi after Arai had been with her. I wanted to kill Hikaru for running off during their date, I was just hoping I could find Haruhi before the storm rolled in.

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