Chapter 4: Attack of the Lady Manager

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Emi's POV

The host club had just finished our Japanese theme, I felt tired and was currently on Kaoru's back. I like him because he's not mean, Hikaru can be mean but I like him as well. "Hey Emi, why are on his back? Why not mine?" Hikaru said in a monotonous voice. I shifted my eyes over to him, "Kaoru is nicer to me and he gives me cake." Kaoru laughed and Hikaru suddenly pulled out a piece of chocolate cake and my eyes turned into hearts. Haruhi was complaining about me having to much cake and I suddenly see a head. It was girl, peeking into the club room but she seemed a bit shy so I got off his back to go greet her and the twins noticed her too. "Well don't just stand there, come in." Tamaki got angry and yelled at them and he turns back to the girl. He role models perfect host behavior, but the girl shoves him away and calls him a phony. She laces into him with endless insults until he collapses. I tugged on her sleeve and she gushed over how cute I was until she saw Kyoya, who seemed to recognize her but before he can complete a sentence, she flings herself at him, calling him her Prince Charming. 

All of us freak out and the girl introduced herself and described how Kyoya is her real-life Miyabi, who is nothing like the sensitive character she describes. "Oh no!!" The twins start freaking out about how she was a gamer. When she learns that Kyoya is the club's director, she appoints herself the club's manager which Kyoya allows because her family does business with the Ootoris. The next day Renge shows up with freshly baked homemade cookies,Tamaki started ranting on about she is lady like but she seemed a bit mean to Tamaki for no real reason.  "These aren't for you, you phony!" She yelled, sending him to his emo corner. I tug on her dress and she bends down handing me cookie and patting my head "Renge-chan, why are so mean to Tamaki-senpai?" She ignored the question as Honey-senpai takes a cookie. When he says that the cookies were burnt, she turned into Medusa. "Oh, lookie it's Medusa!" Mori picked me and honey-senpai up and started running, as she chased us around the music room. Finally she gave some to Kyoya and when Honey offered Renge a glass of milk, she snaps. Shifting into manager-mode, she tells them that each host must develop a "dark side," to keep their customers interested, but Kyoya on the other hand, is perfect. Honey-senpai is labeled as "the baby-faced thug." While Mori-senpai is labeled the "flunkie." The twins were made neurotic sports stars.  Haruhi is a bullied honor student and Tamaki "The lonely prince."

 This only made Tamaki sulk even more but he was happy that she had called him a prince, she turns to me and points. "Emi, you are Honey's minion who has good grades but has a secret crush on Haruhi!" I looked at her like she was crazy and laughed, "Haruhi is my brother." She blushed from embarrassment and cleared her throat, "Okay, you have a secret crush on honey." wow, she hit it spot on. The twins are on the basketball court and were playing a game. Kaoru is injured and Hikaru plays up their "Forbidden Brotherly Love," act. Tamaki is viewed standing in the rain, in a tragic pose. Honey is seen walking with Mori and I towards Haruhi with a menacing look on his face. All of a sudden, he breaks down and throws his arms around Haruhi saying he can't be mean to her which honestly made me want to laugh since Haruhi gave off a funny reaction.

"Cut!" Renge called out, she had a professional crew of camera people with her.  She calls Haruhi and I to the side, when we turn the corner I saw two tall mean-looking boys. I hid behind Haruhi but grew worried that she was gonna get herself into trouble with them, Renge started calling them the villains and I shook my head. She was way out of line here and the two didn't agree to it, she grabbed one of the boy's arm but this only made him angry. So one of the boys shoved Renge, who was pushed onto Haruhi who was pushed onto me and I hit the wall with all of the impact. I fell and tear rolled down my face as Tamaki-senpai, and the others rushed over. Haruhi bent down to check if I was okay but Tamaki-senpai grew angry enough that he grabbed both of them. 

He started threatening them but Haruhi intervened, "You can't call them villains just because of their outer appearance, Renge. They may look like thugs but that doesn't make them thugs, for all we know they could be good people. You should never judge a book by it's cover without getting to know them first." I looked up at Renge, who I thought took the words to heart especially because of her reaction. But apparently she didn't and loved the ad libbing and swivels back around to the camera, "Did you catch that?!" Renge questioned with excitement, "Yes, we did." One of the guys gives her a thumbs up and suddenly there is a loud smash. I lifted my head up to see Kyoya smash the camera lens with a rock, he didn't seem all to happy with Renge and her actions. "I'm sorry but I can't allow a record of any host engaging in violence." Kyoya stated pushing up his glasses. "Why are you acting so different?" Renge looked a bit hurt by Kyoya's actions. Tamaki sighs and smiles up at her, "Your fantasy is not reality, Renge. Kyoya isn't a video game character." He explained as he helped me stand to my feet. "You should just get to know people little by little, as they are." Haruhi stated which made the other hosts agree with her and smile.

Imagine that is Emi in the picture. Except with brown hair, and in the boys kimono. With her stuffed bunny Yuki-chan. I'm the pic just imagine her pulling on Renge's dress to get a cookie.

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