Chapter 1: Today you are a host

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Emi's POV

Hai! I'm Emi Fujioka, I have a twin named Haruhi. We just started going to this school named Ouran Academy, since we got scholarships to go here. I cut my hair short since I felt like it but when we were little, some kid got gum in Haruhi's hair and we had to cut it. I'm very different from Haruhi, she's the calm one while I'm the more energetic twin. Haruhi and I have the same fear called Brontophobia (fear of thunder). Today is our first day here, we were currently looking for somewhere for Haruhi to study.

"Haruhi, I'm hungry.. Can we please just find a place so we can eat? If I don't eat, I'll die!!" Haruhi seemed unfazed by my statement and gave me a blank look. "Look the sooner we find a place for me study, the sooner I can help you with your science." She sighed, as we walked passed what seemed like an abandoned room. I opened the door only to be hit in the face with rose petals, and I spit them out. I saw six boys standing together in the boys uniform, "AHHHH STRANGE BOYS!!" I screamed and hid behind Haruhi. The door closed behind us, as I was hiding behind Haruhi. I was very shy at heart, so I stayed behind Haruhi. 

The blonde tall boy spoke up first, "Oh, it's just a couple of boys." He then rants on about this being a host club, while Haruhi was freaking out. I zoned out, when a pair of brown eyes met my blue ones and he was also blonde. The owner of the eyes was around my height, and was holding a pink stuffed bunny.

I slowly came out from behind Haruhi and all eyes were on me and my bunny, Yuki-chan. Tamaki, the tall blonde boy touched Haruhi's chin causing her to freak out even more, she pulled me closer to her and continued to squirm. Haruhi backed up, accidentally hitting a podium with an expensive looking vase sitting on display. The vase fell forward and Haruhi tried to catch it, but it slipped from her finger tips and broke.

"Awww man, that vase was going to be put on display for new the Renaissance festival it was only 8 million yen." The ginger twins said in unison, as they looked over at the vase. Wait what? I sweatdropped, as Haruhi freaked out even more. "I'll pay you back." Haruhi stated, "With what money?" The tall black haired guy with glasses asked. Oh no, not good. "Well what do you think we should do Tamaki?" The glasses guy turned to Tamaki, who sighed. "There is a famous saying you must have heard Fujioka's. When in Rome do hat the Romans do, since you have no money, you can pay us with your bodies. That means starting today you two are the host clubs dog." Uh oh. Oh mom, what did Haruhi get us into?

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