Chapter 17: Kyoya's reluctant day out

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Emi's pov

I was out with Tamaki and the others, we were walking around but I couldn't find Haruhi. They woke me up around six in the morning, to which I was not happy about. When they first got there I lashed out at everyone, when Kaoru shook me awake carelessly. I punched Tamaki-senpai twice in the face and wrestled with him, until Mori came and pulled me away. After a while, I settled down and we went to wake up Kyoya-senpai. His glare could kill, but I wasn't fazed by it at all. I was being held by Tamaki, who shook when Kyoya glared at him. Since I was already in a bad mood, Tamaki-senpai shaking and squeezing me wasn't helping at all. I punched him again in attempt to go back to the room, I kicked him but Mori threw me over his shoulder and walked out.

As people walked down the sidewalk, they watched as I threw a tantrum to get down. We went to the store and found a pet shop, I remembered Haruhi wanted a day to herself. I stopped struggling when Mori put me down, as we walked to the pet shop. Tamaki found a puppy but it wasn't a small dog, she was huge. We walked around and Kaoru had bought me a teddy bear, I named her Momo. Momo was a brown teddy bear, with a big bow on the head. We walked around some more, and came across a shop. I looked in the window and I saw a whole bunch of food, so I grabbed Tamaki-senpai's hand.

"Tamaki-senpai, can we get some food? I'm really hungry, please?" I asked Tamaki, with a pouty face.

"But who will watch Antoinette?" Tamaki asked me, to which I pointed to Mori and Honey-senpai. He nodded and after 32 minutes, we came back out with food and dog treats. As we walked away from the shop, we came across a stage area that was overly crowded. We decided to check it out, but then I heard a voice I knew to be Renge. I groaned loudly, becoming visibly annoyed. "What the hell is she doing up there?" He shook his head, I climbed up into Hikaru's back to see what was going on stage. Renge was talking about school and staying in school, but it was so stupid. I laughed so hard that I fell off of his back, but Kaoru caught me before I hit the ground. I clutched my stomach and after five minutes, we walked around. I got lost and tapped a girl, who was standing in a line for ice cream.

"Hi, what's wrong?" The girl asked, she looked to be around 18. "I'm Sarah. This is my boyfriend, Shiro. Are you lost?" Sarah asked. I nodded and fumbled with the edge of my shirt, when she saw a picture on the ground. Sarah picked it up and her boyfriend looked at me. "You go to ouran high?" I nodded a yes, when she pointed out Tamaki in the picture.

"That's Tamaki Suoh," Sarah looked at me, watching my facial expression. "How do you know him?" She asked. "I'm in the host club with my brother Haruhi, Tamaki is my bestie." I said and she smiled, but this smile was fake.

"Emi!!? MY SWEET DAUGHTER, WHERE ARE YOU?" I heard Tamaki shout. He finally came into view with the other hosts, including Haruhi and Kyoya-senpai. I was suddenly snatched up in arms and twirled around, as Tamaki started yelling at the top of his lungs. This always happened, which annoyed me to the max. I gave him a bored chibi look, which didn't go unnoticed by the other hosts. Sarah and her boyfriend, Shiro just watched as Tamaki spun me around in the air, completely oblivious to the couple standing near him.

"My sweet baby girl. We were you was so scared that you had been taken?" He yelled, which resulted in Mori-senpai snatching me away. He set me on the ground and I hugged Haruhi tightly, happy to finally see her. "Thanks Sarah and Shiro." I said, as we walked away. I waved by and she smiled a real smile, I guess she thought that I was lying about being besties with Tamaki and the host club. I was little insulted at the fact that she had given me such a fake smile before hand, maybe she went to our school.

"So Haruhi, how was your day out with mommy?" Tamaki asked her, she looked at him and sighed. "It was alright," She answered. "Kaoru bought me a teddy bear, I named her momo." I said, showing her to the group.

I squealed loudly, as I was back on Kaoru's back

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I squealed loudly, as I was back on Kaoru's back. I kissed his cheek and handed Honey-senpai, Momo so he could meet her. Usa-chan smiled along with everyone one else, as we were headed home. I settled on Kaoru's back nicely, laughing as Hikaru was telling us a joke.

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