Chapter 24: Operation: The Sweets Of Hagiwara's Bakery

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Haruhi's pov

Kyoya took us to the bakery, I happened to have overheard what he said to Emi and honey about the sweets. "Uhhh Kyoya-senpai, why are we in costumes?" I was wearing a frilly dress and a wig, that had long brown hair. Emi had on a small sundress and her wig, was a bit shorter than mines. "We don't want him to know we came here for a test." Kyoya looked at me and I watched as Hikaru and Kaoru were playing with Emi. I smiled, when I saw the happiness in her eyes.

"Why are you smiling like that haru-chan?" Honey appeared next to me, "It's nothing, I just like seeing my sister smile." I said, as we were headed for the bakery in Kyoya-senpai's limo. "Haru-kun, look what Kyo-kun gave me!!!" She sat forward and showed me a bracelet made of candy. "Kyoya-senpai, I don't think its a good idea to give her sweets before she even eats any dinner. And besides the point why did you give her a bracelet made of candy?" I looked towards him, with a smug look on my face. "Well, we do want Emi to be hyper when we get there. So he won't notice who she really she is. Besides she'll crash sooner or later." I sweatdropped, but heard shouting.

"Hikaru get her off of me!" I turned my head, seeing Emi biting Kaoru's hand. "Come on Emi, let go of Kaoru's hand!!" Hikaru was pulling on Emi's waist, while I sighed watching the scene in front of me.

"What did you two do?" I had an icredulous look on my face, "It seems Kaoru tried to take Emi's bracelet, in hopes to eat some of the candy on it." Kyoya pushed his glasses up and I sighed, shaking my head. I looked out the window, as we come to a complete stop. "I guess, we're here." Kyoya said and we all got out of the car, Emi was still holding onto Kaoru's hand. "Get her off!!!" He yelled, flailing his arm around which wasn't helping. "You idiots, you now she loves sweets!! So why would you take it away from her?" Tamaki plucked her off Kaoru's hand, we walked around in the busy shopping area. "Wow, it's so busy down this way." I looked around, "Look its the bakery!!!" Emi ran off ahead of us, "Wait Emi!!!" We ran after her and turned the corner to see her on the floor. She looked scared and the guy standing there, looked intimidating. "Hey, watch where you're going brat!!" He yelled and she started crying, so I ran forward but Mori-senpai rushed forward. He towered over the guy completely, which seemed to scare the guy. "Is she you with you? Man, I'm sorry!" The guy ran off and I sighed, shaking my head. "Emi, you have got to be more careful." I said, as she nodded in response.

Before we walked in to the bakery, Tamaki stopped us. "Alright, here's the plan. We are all a family, me, the dad and Kyoya the mother. The twins will be the brothers, while Mori and Honey-senpai are the cousins and haruhi and Emi are the daughters. Now that Emi has some sweets in her, since she is the smallest she will be the youngest." He said, making me sigh and Emi bounced up grabbing my arm. "Come on Haruhi!!" She pulled me into the bakery, which was more like a cafe. We came to a stop and turned my head towards Emi, as she stared in awe at the giant display case of cakes and cookies, and pastries. "Haruhi, why'd you stop?" I turned my head to Tamaki-senpai, "She's staring in awe." Hikaru said, "Daddy, can you please buy me that?!!" Emi turned around with puppy dogs eyes at both of us. "Haha! Look at you, you're really adorable. Well what do you want young lady?" I turned to see Yori standing there behind the counter, smiling at Emi.

"Come on!!! Please daddy!!!" Tamaki squirmed and kyoya came from behind him. "Alright what do you want Kari?" Kyoya took out his wallet, "That big one!" She pointed to a giant chocolate cake, which made me sweatdrop. "Are you sure, you can handle eating all of it?" Yori looked at her, surprised written all over his face. "Of course, I can!!! Thanks Momma!!" Emi jumped on his back, while Yori just chuckled awkwardly. He handed her the cake and then Honey-senpai came bounding up. Kyoya payed for the cake and walked over to a booth. Yori asked what Honey wanted and he gave him a strawberry cake. Both Honey and Emi offered me a piece of their cake, so I tried it. As I was talking, I saw that emi had a strawberry on her cake. "Uh Emi, what are you doing?" Tamaki liked over at her, as a dark aroura enshrouded Emi. She started muttering about the strawberry, and stabbed it. "She hates strawberries." I said and then it sailed past me. It hit another kid in the face and the kid fell back.

"Nooooo! I've been hit with a strawberry!" The kid yelled, falling backwards. "What was that for emi?" Kyoya looked to her, "That kid was making googly eyes at Honey-senpai." She pouted, "Wow jealous much." Hikaru and Kaoru muttered, "Hey, I was not making googly eyes at him!!!" The kid, which was girl yelled.

"Yes you were!!! I saw you!!!" Emi stood up, Tamaki instantly shot up and grabbed Emi by the waist. "Uhhh listen kid, you might wanna stop making the googly eyes at honey-sempai." Kaoru started, "Mainly because he and our friend who just threw the strawberry at you, are dating." Hikaru finished, "What?!! But they're just kids!!?" She yelled in so much surprise, that her hair stuck out. "No, all of us are in high school." I said, shaking my head. "You're cute." She said to me, "Thanks. You're pretty cute yourself." I said, "Hey, where did tama-chan go?" Honey asked, looking around the cafe.

"He took Emi back to the counter, she finished her cake." Kyoya said. The two came back to the booth, "So what'd you get?" Honey-senpai asked, "I got free cookies!!" She yelled and took out a chocolate chip cookie. "Here Haruhi, this is yours. I got it for you." She held it out to me and I smiled. I took it from here and took a bite out of my chocolate cake. "How is it Haruhi?" Tamaki asked, "Its delicious." I smiled, making Tamaki smile.

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