Chapter 35: New beginnings!! A brand New Customer has appeared!!!

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Emi's pov

"Alright, let's start the party!" Tamaki-senpai shouted into the mic and I looked to Haruhi and sweatdropped. "Good god, this is gonna be just great." Haruhi groaned from beside me with a look of exhaustion, "You two should stop moping around and come enjoy the guests. Come now," Tamaki-senpai grabbed both of our hands and pulled us with him. "Wait, Tamaki-senpai..." Haruhi stammered as we were rushed down the stairs and into the crowd. Along the way, I got cornered and lost both Tamaki and Haruhi. "Em-kun, you look really handsome tonight." I turned around seeing two of my usual guests in pretty red dresses and their make up was phenomenal, "Thanks Satsuki, Kimi. Have you been having a good time?" I asked them as they walked over to me, "The party is great. Did you lose somebody?" I gave them a small smile and nodded, "I lost Tamaki and Haruhi, I can't find them anywhere but I'm not in a hurry to find them. Would you ladies like anything to drink?" I heard a squeal behind me and was scooped up by a tall figure, "Ohh look at my baby serving guests drinks and being a sweetheart." I sighed as Tamaki squeezed me tightly, "Hahaha, that's so cute. Tamaki-senpai acts like a father figure to Emi, I find it so adorable." Satsuki laughed with a  bright smile as Tamaki put me down. "Hey, boss. We are gonna borrow Emi for a bit." They both picked me up by the arms making me look up at them and wonder what they needed me for.

"Wait, you can't just take Emi?! He has customers!" They rushed off with me in their arms before Tamaki could do anything. I was carried up the stairs and pulled me into a room. "Wait, guys... What are you doing?" Kaoru and Hikaru looked at each other before looking at me with a mischievous look making me back away towards the door. I turned quickly trying to open it, "Not," Hikaru drew closer, "So," Kaoru drew in closer with an evil look on his face. "Fast, Emi." I looked behind me and screamed loudly. In less than no time they both scrambled to change me into a dress which I did not agree to fully so they had Annabelle in on it, "Noo!!" I screamed trying to cover myself and then she pounced on me.

"Oh come on, Emi. It's not that bad." I glared at a smiling Kyoya, who seemed to be enjoying this a lot making me hate him more. "Why did you stick me in this thing?!! I'm supposed to be a boy." I got irritated with them all, "Well, we need you for this. Two of our guests have a history together. There's Satsuko which is Satsuki's sister and then there's one of our new guests that I've seen come visit the club room before. The two are in love but they currently don't know how to tell each other how they feel. So we decided to help get them together." Hikaru explained, "Then why put me in a dress, wig and makeup?!" I put a hand on my hip as I stood in the low heels Anna forced on my feet. "Because we need you to give him this letter. This letter tells him how you feel and we're planning to get Satsuko to see you two together that way, he can tell her how he feel towards her." I opened the letter and my eye twitched as I read it and then looked up at the four of them giving them a death glare. "And why the hell did you choose me and not Anna?!! Couldn't you just help Satsuko confess to him?!! Who's idea was this in the first place?!" I blew up in front of them causing both Hikaru and Kaoru to back away from me and hide behind Kyoya. "I came up with this plan. The twins agreed to help and so did Anna. Don't worry, Tamaki doesn't know about this because he would have over reacted. We chose you because he doesn't recognize you to be a host in the club especially with that long wig of yours. Besides he's never met you before and I know for a fact because he just transferred here in time to make it for the party although he is new to the school. His name is Akihiko Takahashi, he is a first year and transfered in from another private school named Springate Valley High. His record shows that he's been a trouble maker since he started out at the school so his parents moved him here so he would fit in better." Kyoya pushed up his glasses, closed his eyes and snapped his black book shut. "Now, Emi it's time to do your thing." Kaoru pushed me out of the door into the hallway where there stood a young boy. He looked to about Haruhi's height, well built like Mori-senpai but I noticed more than just that. He had white short hair a bit spiky but it reminded me of Yori, who was currently somewhere roaming around the party. He shifted his eyes towards the window and I could see his face partially, he was honestly really handsome and he had light blue eyes that reminded me of the sky in the early morning. "Um... Excuse me..." I held my hands together tightly behind my back as he turned his head to face me, "Ah, so you must be the girl who gave me this letter." He held it up and walked towards me while I stammered to answer, I don't know why but I was very nervous and I didn't like it. "Yeah, I was the one who wrote that letter. I know that you're new and everything but I couldn't keep my heart from tearing my eyes away from you. It's like-" he cut me off by putting a hand up, "Like love at first sight. Well, I don't blame you a lot of girls have done this but I don't think it's me, It's my looks. I'm so handsome that almost every girl at my other school would confess their love to me. It's a blessing that I'm this beautiful." I gave him a confused look and then it popped into my head, "He's a narcissistic jerk." I thought as he wrapped an arm around me and I immediately became stiff. "Oh don't be so tense. You are a very very pretty girl. Prettier than most of the ones, I've seen. I can see why you fell in love with me. I'm as handsome as mystical being from a planet far away where all hot guys are breeded."

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