Chapter 43: Better Days To Come!

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Emi's pov

"Ughhhh," I put my head down on the table out of frustration, we had been put into groups for a class project and I was stuck with both Akihiko and Ian. "I think it should be like this!" Ian and Akihiko had been arguing ever since we were put in the group together, they wanted the project to look a certain way. Each of them had a different opinion on how the project should look while Kaoru, Hikaru and I were getting fed up with the arguing in general. I learned through this past week that Ian wasn't originally a ginger, which gave Akihiko all the ammunition he needed to mess with Ian. When we came into the class the other day, he had changed his hair color and now had black hair. Having his hair orange, made his face look a lot like a child but with his black hair his face seemed more mature.

Yori and Haruhi were lucky enough not to end up in the same class as us, but were in a group together for the same class. I wanted to strangle to two of them, but knew if I did then I would be in some serious trouble. This week had been the worst week of all and I couldn't stand the fact that I had broken up with Honey-senpai, whenever we crossed paths in the hallway I walked away. A lot of the girls in club would constantly ask about it but I never gave them a real answer, I always dismissed it.

"How long can these two argue? We're supposed to be coming up with a way to explain it not make it look crazy." Hikaru asked as he looked at the two boys, I lifted my head to look at the two idiots. "Well, hopefully they shut up." I sighed as we watched them, they are seriously so stupid.

"Will you two sit down and stop arguing?!! This project is worth a lot of our grades and we haven't even started to research our topic." I shouted which shut the two up and just as I was about to sit the lunch bell rang making me sigh. "Tomorrow, I want you two to start your research. See you two later." I grabbed my bag, wallking away with Hikaru and Kaoru following after me as we headed to lunch.

"That was exhausting." Kaoru said with a small sigh, "You said it." Hikaru agreed as we sat down at the table, the others had yet to arrive. "So how was class?" Yori asked, with this look on his face like he was mocking me. "You're mocking me...." I started, making him chuckle as he set his tray down. "No, I'm not... I just want to know..." He sat down and Haruhi took a seat next to him, while the others sat down at the table.

"They're complete idiots." Hikaru shoved a mouthful of food in his mouth, "What happened?" Tamaki-senpai asked, "They spent the whole time arguing. We couldn't get any research done." Kaoru added as he shoved a spoonful of pudding in his mouth. "The whole time?" Mori-senpai asked, "The whole time.... I can't take it anymore... Those two are driving me insane! Why did she stick us with them?!!! It's bad enough I got these two, but Ian and Akihiko as well. What is she trying to do? Kill me?!" I took a sip of my milk, I let out a sigh and ate my lunch. "Why didn't you talk to the teacher about it?" Tamaki-senpai asked, "Because there is no other group, I can join in that class." We sat talking for the rest of lunch talking about different things and how Kyoya-senpai wanted to do something different for me at club.

The rest of the school day went smoothly but with a few hiccups, I was literally hunted down by Ian. It was not fun and I was put in an event worse mood, when I spotted that same girl talking to Honey-senpai again. Ian noticed my mood swing immediately and tried to keep my attention off the two, but no matter what he did I couldn't stop watching the two. It made me really upset to see that, I didn't notice that Honey-senpai was not all that happy.

"Look at how sad, Honey-senpai looks...." A girl said to her friend, "Well, I wouldn't be surprised..  Honey-senpai and Em-kun haven't been talking all that much." I sighed, not wanting to hear the rest of the conversation so I headed to the garden.

I sat on a bench and listened to the peacefullness of outside as birds chirped and squirrels ran around, all I could really think about was Honey-senpai which really didn't make me so happy. I didn't want to forget about him, but I did want to move on and get over the pain I had for him. "May I sit with you?" I looked to my left seeing Kaoru standing with his bag in hand, "Yeah, sure." I nodded and he took a seat beside me.

"I uhhh... Wanted to talk to you about last week. I wanted to know how you were holding up." He spoke up, "Yeah, last week was not all that great." I explained to him as I fiddled with my fingers, I kept my tears from falling by keeping my gaze on the ground. "I'm sorry that happened. What made you break up with him?" Kaoru asked, "Last week was hard... Ever since I started helping Ian and Akihiko.. I had no time for the club members, or Haruhi or even to myself let alone Honey-senpai. Last week, I overheard a girl confessing to him and then she kissed him. What's worse is that he didn't push her away.... He didn't tell me what happened even after a few days went by. When he saw that I was suffering from helping Ian and Akihiko, he didn't bother to hug me all he did was shove sweets in my face. He didn't tell me about the girl and that was the last straw... So I ended it." A tear rolled down my cheek, "You probably think I'm a bad person.." I shook my head and sniffled. "I don't. I think that he couldn't tell that you needed a hug... He most likely thoughts sweets would help you. You aren't a bad person, Emi. You are the sweetest person I know. You are so much nicer than the rest of the girls here, you're special. You care about others which makes you a great person." I sniffled and looked up at Kaoru with a small smile, "Do you really think so?" I asked, "Yeah, I do. Come on, let's get to club or Kyoya-senpai will be mad that we're late." Kaoru stood up and held out his hand, for a moment I stared at it. I shook my head, wiping my tears away and took Kaoru's hand as we headed the club room.

"Emi, where were you?" Tamaki-senpai asked, "In the garden..." I answered as I put my stuff down, "Doing what?" Haruhi asked, "Thinking. That's all." I looked over at the two of them, "Are you okay?" Haruhi asked, concern written across her face. "I'll be fine, Haruhi. Don't worry." I smiled at the two and left them to go talk to Kyoya-senpai. I hope that for my sake, I can take Kaoru's words to heart and feel okay for the days yet to come.

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