chapter 7: Jungle Pool S.O.S!!

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Haruhii's pov

Emi and I were walking to the host club and all of the sudden Hikaru and Kaoru appeared and held our arms. "Target," Hikaru said, "Captured." Kaoru spoke, what are they talking about? We were picked up and turned around as someone arrived on the campus in the limo, they rolled down the windows. Tamaki, who had sunglasses on appeared making me sigh. "Boys get them ready." I gave him a questioning look, "Tamaki-senpai?" We are taken to a room filled with bathing suits. I tugged on Kaoru's shirt and pointed to a bathing suit that I liked. Hikaru and Kaoru left us to these creepy twin maids it freaked me out. After we came out, Tamaki-senpai freaked about us showing too much skin. So he put jackets over our bathing suits, "Can I play with Honey-senpai?" Tamaki smiled as Emi gave him a big smile and ran off to find Honey-senpai.

I looked at Tamaki, who was still smiling like an idiot. "Hey Tamaki-senpai, do you know that Emi likes Honey-senpai?" He looked at me and thought for a moment. "Kind of, at first I just thought that Emi was that friendly and now I realize she loves him, my daughter is all grown up." I walked over to honey and Emi only to see the two blushing and laughing. I looked at Mori who didn't say anything, both of them were on his back as he was swimming in one place against the current. Honey ad Emi were laughing and I smiled, Tamaki-senpai has walked off leaving me to myself. Meanwhile, Tamaki-senpai and the twins were shooting each other with water guns almost blasting Kyoya, who was sitting under an umbrella with a book. I looked back to see Honey and Emi in floaties, playing with each other while Mori-senpai was wiping himself off with a towel. Just then I look to see Tamaki-senpai get blasted with water and he started running only to slip on a banana peel and flew back, accidentally hitting a tiki statue. It glowed and then we hear rumbling and then we all spot a huge wave building up heading for both Honey-senpai and Emi. Oh my god. "Honey-senpai, Emi look out!" The two turned around only to be hit by the wave, we heard Emi scream and they both were carried off.

I grew worried as they both disappeared from sight, so I turned to Kyoya for help. I wanted to blame myself for letting this happen, but Tamaki-senpai was not having it. When it started raining, we had to sit under the small hut in the area while Kyoya took charge of the situation. He got on the phone with the park's owner as well as sending the police here to come help find Emi and Honey-senpai, we still had no idea where they could have ended up. Kyoya explained that the park was also an animal sanctuary which made my nerves build up, if there were wild animals here then Emi and Honey-senpai would be in trouble. Emi didn't too well around wild animals especially ones like lions and tigers.

"Haruhi, are you okay?" Hikaru appeared to my left, "No.... I'm not. Kyoya-senpai said this place is a wildlife sanctuary.... Which means all kinds of wild animals could be in here. Emi isn't good around wild animals." I explained. I noticed that Mori-senpai was growing restless just sitting here without being able to do anything to help Emi and Honey-senpai.

Honey's POV

When I woke up, I noticed that I had ended up in a jungle type area which was weird considering this place was a water park. I looked around, hearing the different sounds of animals making noises and looked to my left and spotted Emi. She wasn't breathing, so I did CPR on her. She woke up, coughing and rubbed her eyes. Emi looked up at me, "Honey-senpai, did you save me?" I nodded. I knew that we were stuck out here, so I have to man up and protect Emi from the wild animals out here. "We should go look for the others," I stood up, helping Emi stand up. We made it a point to find Haruhi, as we were walking we kept running into wild animals which made Emi freak out. So I decided to keep her close to me and hold her hand as we traveled, I knew she wanted to go home from the look on her face. We kept walking and I spotted Takashi and haruhi were surrounded. I saw the anger in her face and Emi and I swung down. We took them all out and Emi jumped on haruhi. She was laughing and haruhi looked at me, smiling and said "thank you so much for keeping her safe Honey-senpai." I said "No Problem." I hugged Takashi as the rest of the host club came into view. Tamaki was so happy that he snatched Emi from haruhi, "Daddy!" He twirled her but Takashi snatched her back giving her back to haruhi. We then headed back to the water park and went home.

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