Chapter 25: Operation: The sweets of Hagiwara's bakery prt 2

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Emi's pov(pic of Annabelle at the top)

As we started eating the sweets, I had to sit on Tamaki-senpai's lap but I was fine with it. The girl that made oogly eyes at honey had left. I'm glad she did, he's mine. "So how are you liking the sweets?" I opened my eyes, seeing Yori standing in front of our booth. "It's amazing." Tamaki-senpai said and I looked up at him.

"You remind me of someone I recently just met. So is this little girl your sister?" He ruffled my hair and I chuckled, "Oh, kao-chan I bought a cookie for you." I smiled and he blushed, taking the cookie out of my hand. I looked outside, while they were talking and I noticed something it was puppy. I stared in awe crawling off Tamaki's lap over Kyoya's and next to the window, which happened to be right next to kaoru. "What is it Emi?" Kaoru turned his head to me, "I want to go see the puppies!!!" I pointed in the direction of the pet shop, it was only a block away. Kaoru looked at me, "Please, can we go looking at the puppies??!!" I gave him my best puppy dog face ever. "Please Kaoru! Please?" He blushed at my puppy dog face, and finally gave in. "Alright fine, I will take you to see the puppies." I jumped on him and gave him a giant hug. "Thank you!!!" He blushed, hugging me back and we walked out of the cafe. I noticed that Tamaki noticed and he smiled at us from outside. I smiled back, turning around and walked with Kaoru. "So Emi, how's life treating you?" He asked, "Its okay. What about you, Kaoru?" She turned to me, "Oh well same old, same old." I jumped onto his back, as we continued walking.

"So how are you and Honey-senpai doing?" He asked, looking to me. "I think we're doing good so far. I mean this is the first time, I've actually dated someone. Ever since middle school, when Haruhi and I were always declared to be loved by boys in our group age. I was never really interested in any of them. I knew they only liked me, because of the way I looked. So it was never really easy for me to like someone and they would like me back." I explained.

"Really?" Kaoru turned his head, slightly towards me.

"Yeah, but with Honey-senpai. It's not like that. I know that Honey-senpai loves me for who I truly am. I'm happy that I found someone like that loves me for me. That's all I ever wanted from anybody. I'm glad that I have such great friends like you and tamaki-senpai." I cuddled into his back.

"T-thanks Emi, that means a lot. I'm happy that Hikaru and I met you and Haruhi." He blushed and I got off his back. We found the puppy shop and walked in.

"Whoa, look at this one. You're so cute!!" I picked one up and it licked my face. I giggled, as Kaoru bent down next to me. "Emi, do you want a puppy?" He asked and I put the puppy down. "Yeah, I've always wanted one. Haruhi never really said anything about it, but we can't get one. I've asked Dad, but he said no." I looked down and petted the puppy's head. "We should head back." I walked away and we headed out and that's when I saw a small shop. It had this beautiful paintings in the window. "Wow, those paintings are beautiful." I ran up to the window, but bumped into someone. "Sorry," I rubbed my head and saw Anabelle standing there. "Annabelle!!" I jumped up into her and swung her around. She yelled out trying to get me to stop, but I didn't hear her. Suddenly I couldn't feel her in my arms anymore, "Huh?" I opened my eyes and they settled on kaoru, who happened to be holding Annabelle up in the air.

"Thanks Kaoru, she had me in a death grip. Anyways what are you guys doing down this way?" She asked, brushing back her hair. "We wanted to come look at ouppies." I smiled and she giggled, knowing me. "What are you doing all the way down here?" Kaoru asked, "Well, I came to visit my brothers' bakery." She smiled, as we were walking back to Yori's bakery. We walked in, "Big brother!" Annabelle squealed and jumped onto Yori. Yori smiled at her and I stood there, shock written all over my face. "Wait a minute, he's your brother!!!" I shouted, "So you two know each other?" Yori set down his sister, "Yeah, don't you recognize her? Its-" I rushed over, basically tackling her and covered her mouth. "We just met actually. While we were at the puppy store." I laughed nervously, "Oh how were the puppies over there?" Yori smiled and pushed his hair back, it was something he always did which made him look more handsome than he already was. "They were adorable." I said, "Excuse me and Anna for one moment." I pulled her into a booth, making sure nobody else was around. "Emi, what is with you?" She rubbed her butt, Annabelle was a year older than me.

"Listen, we are checking out the bakery but we are undercover. If you break that it won't be good for us. Besides I'm here testing out the sweets, before actually considering having kyoya-senpai buy sweets from this place for the club." I explained, "Wow, Emi you actually planned this through." I sweatdropped, with a nervous smile on my face. "Well, it wasn't me who came up with the plan." I said, raising my hands. "Then who did?!!" She yelled, "Kyoya-senpai did." I laughed and then she gave me an angry look. I started shaking, "You mean to tell me, you let that demon come up with a plan as good as this?!!" She yelled, "Yeah, hahahaha sorry." I flashed her a nervous smile and then she stood up.

"You think that this is funny?!!! This isn't funny at all!!!" She yelled, giving me a scary look and I screamed. I jumped out of the booth and ran away from her. "Hey, what's going on?" Tamaki and the others smiled, watching Emi running from Annabelle. "Wait, she's not playing around." Haruhi said.

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