Chapter 37: Two Crazy Customers & A Very Dramatic Story

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Emi's pov

I sat on the couch in the music room listening to Akihiko ramble on and looking out of the window, I was waiting for Tamaki-senpai and Kyoya-senpai to come back from a meeting they had with the head master of the the school. I was in a nice pair of jeans and a low V-neck shirt with a blue jean jacket. "So to understand this better.... They dressed you up like a girl to help me get the girl I like?" I sighed shifting my eyes to his, "Yes, they did... I'm a boy. So don't think that you can woo me just because I was dressed up as a girl." I was already annoyed that the meeting was running long but now I had to deal with Akihiko, who luckily can't tell that I'm actually a girl with his idiot self. He needs to go somewhere, "But they dress you up a lot like a girl. So naturally it's hard not to believe you aren't one." I sighed loudly getting annoyed. "Emi club is about to start!" Tamaki-senpai yelled so I got up from the couch and fixed my clothing as I walked over to everyone else, who were taking their places. I could hear the excitement from outside the door and suddenly the door opened, "Welcome." We all said in unison, which I gotta admit has to be creepy. Does anyone else think so or is it just me? Just be honest with me, isn't creepy when we all say Welcome in unison. The girls started squealing when they saw Honey and I standing next to each other in bad boy outfits. "Oh my gosh!!! They're so cute!!!" I was instantly swept off of my feet by a young girl in the bunch and was swung around in circles making me give off a coy expression although I was a bit annoyed. "Now ladies, Emi is prone to getting pissed off when people sweep him off of his feet. Apparently, it's pet peeve that Tamaki here set upon." Kyoya-senpai warned the girls which made the girl put me down. I walked away towards the couch which made the girls follow after me, they all took a seat next to me and Akihiko looked to the girls. "So you're the new transfer student?" Akihiko leaned over towards one of my customers which made me on edge, that narcissist better keep his hands off of them. "Why yes, I am. To be honest, I didn't expect little Emi to attract so many beautiful girls." His eyes sparkled a bit making the girl next to him blush as he flicked his white hair out of his face. My eyebrow twitched slightly in annoyance but I had to keep my cool in front of the ladies, "Emi, you have a new guest." My head turned to Haruhi, who was standing next to a young boy. He was around Kyoya-senpai's height but I didn't recognize him, "Who is this, Haruhi?" I crossed my arms and decided to play the role of the bad boy, "He's new and he wanted to meet you. Apparently, he knows us from somewhere." She explained being her sweet self, the hosts picked out of the two of us for me to be the hardcore bad boy because Haruhi was way to sweet to be mean to somebody unless it was the hosts themselves. I was fine with being the bad boy, "Yeah, Alright whatever. Sit." I nodded my head throwing my legs up on the table and leaning back. "Umm, thanks." Akihiko raised an eyebrow at the guy but turned back to one of my guests to flirt which frankly pissed me off.

A little while later, I took a break and walked over to see Kyoya-senpai for something. I wanted to ask him about my new guest when I heard a loud slap from across the room and all the attention turned to the girls in my area, I walked back over seeing that one of the girls had started crying but she had slapped the new guy that had come around. Just who was he? "Stop touching me! Let me go!" I saw the guy holding onto Ayame's arm and that's when I got pissed off as the guy stood there in surprise that she screamed and slapped him. "Oi!" I called out but he didn't let go so I stormed over to him and snatched his arm away from Ayame. I then kicked him behind the knees knocking him on the floor but before he could, I twisted his arm behind his back and slammed him face first one the small coffee table. "I don't appreciate you making my girls cry, dirtbag. And I certainly don't like people I don't know touching them without me being present. Why were you touching her?" I questioned as all the girls started squealing because I was apparently being manly. "Excuse us girls, I'm sorry but I'll have to ask you to leave while we resolve this issue." Kyoya made all the customers leave as I kept him against the table, I don't care if they are gone. He touched one of the girls enough to make her slap him, I wanna know why. None of us realized that Akihiko had snuck back in but I was still in my cosplay. "Emi you can let him go now." Kyoya-senpai stated but I shook my head, "No, I wanna know why he made Ayame freak out like that. Now why the hell did you make her scream like and why did you grab her?" I questioned as he groaned. "I can explain but please just let me go. I know Ayame!" I let him which made him hit the floor and he groaned, "Explain mister," I crossed my arms as I set my foot on the coffee table, "I came to you for help. Because I really like Ayame but I'm too afraid to tell her how I feel!! Please Emi and Haruhi can you help me?" My hard expression turned into confusion as I put my leg down and turned my head to the side, "Eh?" Haruhi and I asked at the same time which was honestly a bit funny. "Why did you touch her?" I quirked an eyebrow at him and he looked up at me and Haruhi, "I was trying to talk to her. See I've known Ayame since the first grade. I was trying to get her attention." He ruffled his short orange hair and I sighed. "What's your name?" Haruhi asked and he looked to her, "My name is Ian. Ian Carter. Will you help me?" I looked to Haruhi and we gave a small signal to each other and I looked back at Ian, who was now standing up. "Alright, we'll help you." I stated and he threw his arms around me making me tense up as he thanked me a bunch of times. "Well, it looks like Emi's got a new job." Kyoya-senpai stated pushing up his glasses.

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