Sarah's Pregnancy #Bonus Chapter

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As soon as she stepped inside the office, her steps halted and she stood there frozen on seeing the person in front of her.


What was she doing here? She thought, her breathing now rapid.

"Hey darling! Why are you standing here?" Yazan came from behind her, and when he didnt get any reply, he followed her gaze only to be shocked himself. There she stood talking to Stephen.

A few seconds later, he gathered his senses and intertwining his hands with Sarah's, he walked towards them. As soon as she felt his touch, she grabbed his hands tightly and slowly walked behind him. He stopped in front of them and asked looking straight at Stephen, not even sparing a glance at Hiba.

"What is she doing here?"

"Sir, I came-" before she could say any further, Yazan raised his hands to stop her.

"I am not talking to you"

"Sir, she is here for her relieving letter" Stephen replied quickly making Yazan nod. All this while, Sarah didnt look up, instead focused her gaze on their joined hands.

"Print it and give it to her as soon as possible, so that she can leave without any further delay ."  Yazan ordered and then started walking.

"Sarah" came her voice, making them stop. She slowly turned around, but Yazan didn't let her and instead pulled her hand and again started walking.

"You dont need to pay attention to those people" he said wrapping his arm around her shoulder. Sarah stopped and looked at him.

"Dont. Sarah, don't look at me with those eyes. I am not letting her talk to you and vice-versa."

"Please, she didnt sounded like before" she pleaded and he continued shaking his head.

"Yazan" she again whispered squeezing his arm and he huffed.
"Its not fair. You give me that look and I cannot ignore any of your requests" she grinned at that and turned around with a straight face. Before anyone could say anything, Yazan came and wrapped his arm around her shoulder giving her the warmth she needed the most to face Hiba.

"All I wanted to say is that.. I am sorry. For everything I did to you. To both of you. I had my own reasons, but.. they are for me to face. I shouldnt have done what I did. I really am sorry." she said and lowered her gaze. Yazan squeezed Sarah's shoulder while she smiled.

"Its okay. I forgive you. Just please don't do this to anybody else. Ever." she said with a soft smile making Hiba nod and they both turned around to walk away.

"Hey" he nudged her, as she looked at him with a raised brow.

"I love you" he whispered close to her ear.

"I know" she smiled knowingly.

"Lets go out for dinner tonight"



"So what do you wanna eat?" Sarah heard Yazan, calling for the waiter.

"Umm.. Anything" she replied covering her nose with the end of her hijab.

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