Chapter 34 (2)

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The next day at office, I was hell nervous. Not because there was some meeting, but during the last night, I had strained my mind to think the best idea that could help me to confess my feelings, while making the moment special.. And I had come up with the idea. I wouldn't say that its the best of the idea, but its worth a try. And I have decided, that tonight will be the night, when Mr. Yazan Siddiqui will hear the most awaited confession from his wife.

All I have to do, is ask him to go on a date.. With me of course. Yeah.. A date. I will take him on a date tonight and there I will tell him that I love him, maybe more than he loved me. I may not be expressive, but duh..I have a heart and it beats only for him, loud and clear.

Eww..what am I thinking!! That's so..eww.. My heart beats only for you? Seriously Sarah, stop reading those extra cheesy and romantic novels.

Whatever. Focus darling. Focus.

I have to go to his cabin.. And ask him to go on a date. Simple.

I started walking towards his cabin, while trying to frame the sentence in my mind, 'We will go on a date tonight. Be ready'.

"What? No. Are you ordering him?" I shook my head.

How about, 'Yazan, we have to go on a date. No reasons, otherwise I'll tell aunty'

"What? Are you a two year old?.. Horrible Sarah, you are hopeless"

"Who is hopeless?" came a voice and my head snapped towards the owner. Yazan stood there at the door of his cabin peeping out.

"And what have you been talking to yourself for the past ten minutes" he asked and I realised that I had been standing at the door.

"Come in" he said and I followed him inside.

"Have a seat Sarah. What's wrong with you? Why are you all lost? Do you wanna say something?" he asked worriedly and I merely nodded.

Why is this so difficult?

"Umm..actually.. There is this...-"

"I am listening" he stood and came next to me and leaned on the table crossing his arms.

Okay Sarah, take a deep breath and blurt everything out.

"Yazan.. Will you go on a me with date?"

"What?" he said standing straight and I facepalmed myself upon realising what I had said, while he started laughing hysterically.

"I didnt hear you" he said leaning towards me, while smirking, crossing his arms.

Uff.. You heard me very well and you understood too. You are just teasing me. Arrgghh.. Okayy..take a deep breath darling..

"Yazan. Will you go on a date with me. Tonight?" I asked, my voice barely coming out, as I looked down and continued to rub my hands.

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