Chapter 28

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'You will be okay, alone? I would have stayed but mamma must be waiting' Wali said ready to leave.

"Yeah, its just a matter of few minutes. He must be on his way"

I had said smiling, but its been more than an hour and he had still not reached. For the past hour I had been sitting in the living room, my gaze fixed on the door, hoping to hear the shuffling of the keys, but no. I had still not changed into my night clothes and was waiting for him.

Picking up my phone, I thought to call him, but deciding otherwise, I kept it back. I will talk to him face to face. I waited and waited but no news of him. The clock struck 12 a.m and by now I had started panicking.

Where is he? Why has he not reached till yet? I was stupid to leave alone from there. I should have come with him. I immediately picked up my phone and called him. Switch off?

Ya Allah. Please keep him under your protection.

Various kinds of scary scenarios came into my mind. I shook my head and called him again. And again. Nothing. I thought to call Wali and ask him whether he had seen him on his way to take mamma from the venue. But its too late and they will start worrying, I thought.

It was now 1 o' clock and my panic level had reached at its extreme. I was pacing in the living room and felt like crying. With shivering hands, I again picked up the phone to call him, when I heard a small click of the door. My heart stopped for a moment and I turned towards the door to see him entering and closing the door. I froze on my spot when he turned and squinted his eyes to see me due to the low lights.

"Sarah?" he frowned and that was enough for my legs to move. Without thinking, I ran towards him and threw my arms around his neck, causing him to stumble a bit, but he kept a protective hand around my waist, not letting us fall. I stood on my toes and sobbed on his shoulder without saying anything. He didnt ask anything but instead kept running his hand in my hair, trying to calm me.

"Sshh..what happen Sarah? Why are you not asleep yet?" his voice brought me back in my senses after a few minutes and then I realised that what I had done. I immediately moved away from his embrace but he held me firmly by my waist, not letting me move even an inch.

"First tell me what happened?" he asked looking down at me, my hands now on his chest and my heart beating faster than it should.

"Where.. were you? I was s-scared" I whispered hiccupping.

"I am now in your arms, darling" he said wiping away my tears, his voice held a hint of amusement and I looked up at him and narrowed my eyes, while he chuckled.

"You think this is a joke. Have you seen the time? I was scared like hell," I screamed hitting him on his chest with my fists, as tears rolled down my cheeks, "I thought maybe something happened to you, or worse, I thought you were angry with me and..and left me" I said, once again breaking into sobs.

"Hey!! Sshhh.. I am here and okay. And why would you think like that. I will never leave you" He said with a bit of anger in his voice and leaning forward, embraced me in a hug. At first I froze and tried to resist, but then sighed and wrapped my arms around him, muttering a Alhumdulillah, that he is safe.

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