Chapter 17

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It had been a week since the time mamma and baba had dropped the bomb on me. Mamma had been shopping and baba was busy with the other preparations. Though the nikah was to be done in the masjid but we were having a small function with only close family.

And me..well it had become a tradition for me to go crying to bed. Whenever there was no one around, tears automatically came in my eyes. We did not had a proper talk at home. Well mamma and Samia tried making conversations with me but I didnt feel like talking, just answered to whatever anyone asked. And Wali was another case. He was not talking to me. Had he been not mad at me I am sure he would have done something to make me happy.

I did not participate in any shopping. Because first, I hate shopping and second, I was angry and hurt to shop for my wedding. So it was all mamma and Samia.

You must be thinking why so much of shopping when I was not shifting to their house. As you know my parents told me that my would be in-laws may have "second thoughts". And just thinking about that shook me to my core.

The last week had been tiring, both at home and at office. Apparantly sir was going to some foreign country for a project and he wanted most of the work done before he went.

Also sir has been behaving a little weird around me or maybe I am just overthinking. For instance, when I came to office a week ago..after the day my parents dropped the bomb on me.. I was entering the office, at the same time his car stopped and he opened the door. I, as a good employee stopped to wish him, but as soon as he saw me he sat back in the car and closed his door.


I know.

And the whole week has been the same. If I was walking through the lobby and if by any chance he happened to come out of his cabin which unfortunately was in the lobby he went back inside with double the speed he came out. Maybe there is something wrong with me. I also checked my self in the mirror once to see if there was something wrong with my appearance, but everything was ok.

Anyways I am in office right now in front of his door rubbing my hands nervously. As ni-nikah, so I had to take two days leave. Mamma had asked me to take atleast a week's leave but I didnt want to lose my job as I know that no sane company would allow a week's leave to a person who has joined just a month ago.
I had given the application letter to Hiba mam but she told me that leaves had to be directly taken from sir and he is very strict in giving leaves except for a genuine reason.

Finally mustering up all the courage I knocked.

"Come in"

Taking a deep breath I entered. Sir was looking through some papers and did not look up and Stephen was sitting opposite to sir.

As I entered I gave Stephen a smile and stepped forward.

"Oh SARAH welcome." he said in an extra loud tone filled with enthusiasm. And as he said that sir looked up with a jerk and all the papers slipped from his hand and came flying all across the room.

"Oh.. S-sorr-sorry" he stuttered and bent down to pick up the papers. Me and Stephen also picked the remaining papers.

"Sir are you ok?" I asked raising my eyebrow and looked at Stephen only to find him smiling mischievously.

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