Chapter 39

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There are days when you want to wake up on a beautiful sunshine morning and get all ready and go out, exploring the world, the people around you, to spend time with your loved ones, and spend your life laughing and loving people. But there are days, when you dont want to do anything, you just want to curl up in your bed, watching movies all day and never come out, you want to avoid the human contact as much as possible and probably want to sleep for days.

That was what I was feeling. I was sleeping, I knew it. But I didnt wanted to wake up. To see anyone. To talk to anyone. After what all had happened, I didnt wanted to even open my eyes.

I could hear the all too familiar voices, calling out to me, crying, probably worried for me, but just this once, I wanted to do what I feel like. I just wanted to sleep and never wake up. Baba and mamma and Samia and Wali, I had heard all their voices, asking me to wake up, and I was actually annoyed.

Can't they let me even sleep peacefully? And why are they all crying? I am just sleeping for Allah's sake. I'll wake up when I want to. With that I shut all the voices reaching my ears and once again drift to a beautiful sleep.


'Sarah, come on beta. Baba is here. Wake up' I heard baba, his voice heavy as if he has been crying since long.

'Baby please, dont do this to us. We cannot live without you' now it was mamma and she was crying.. No. I cannot stand her crying. Now I have to wake up. I tried to open my eyes but I couldnt. I tried again, but the same happened.

But why is it happening to me?

Maybe its just a dream, where you feel like you cannot move, as if you are paralysed. Shaking my thoughts, I again drifted back to sleep, not before deciding that I'll wake up soon.


I was again watching a dream, I guess, and it was that one dream, where you see yourself falling from a height, and you keep falling and falling and falling. I was screaming and shouting, calling for help, but no one came. But then, I felt that there was no one. No one to help me. No one to save me. So I stopped screaming, and stopped hoping that anyone would come and save me. It felt as if I wasnt dreaming, as if it was all real. I really was falling and there actually was no one to save me.

Then at a distance, I saw a silhouette of a person, a man, and I thought that he will save me. But he didnt move an inch from his place, instead was happy to see me fall. To see my downfall.

But who was he?

He looked familiar, and his green eyes shone in the dark, but I couldnt actually see his face. It was dark. So dark. Now I was scared.

'Sarah' came baba's voice and I immediately relaxed. I looked around, but couldnt see him.

'Wake up beta. I am ordering you or else I wont talk to you' he said and I panicked.

No.. Its the worst thing when your parents wont talk to you.

'Baba, you wait out, I'll sit here with her' came Samia's beautiful voice and I immediately relaxed. Alhumdulillah.. she saved me.

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