Chapter 9

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It is Saturday today and I am nervous like hell. I had come back from college early today due to..uhum.. You know what.

After offering zuhr namaz I was reading surah muzammil when  mamma came to my room and she had asked me to wear some nice clothes as they were coming after asr.

Sorry to say this but mamma was really getting on my nerves with all her "beta achhe se taiyyar hona, thode achhe kapde phn lena or kajal wajal bhi laga lena" (get ready nicely, wear nice clothes and put some kajal).


And here I am wearing my hijab. I had started getting ready after asr namaz. I was wearing a blue colour long kurta with lemon leggings and a lemon coloured dupatta with blue hijab.

As per the orders of my mom, I had put a little of BB cream and kajal. I was not a very makeup person. Just kajal sometimes and some liner thats it.

After sometime the bell rang making me sit on the bed with a thud. My heart sank just thinking about it. I sat there fidgeting with my fingers when mamma called me to come downstairs.

My heart beating rapidly, as I made my way to the door my phone rang. I was about to close the door behind me but stopped in my tracks in confusion whether to pick up the phone or not.

But then, thinking that it maybe an important call I reached out to the phone and picked it up.


"Hi!! Am I speaking to Miss. Sarah Ismail?" the voice on the other side queried.

"Um.. Yes speaking" I replied back.

"Ohkayy!! Hi Sarah I am Hiba from AYS Pvt Ltd. You gave  interview a few days before in your college for our company, right?" The lady asked.

Ya Allah. Is it... Am I..

No. No dont get your hopes high Sarah.

"Umm.. Sarah? Helloo. Are you there?"

"Yes yes, I gave the interview"

"So, Congratulations Sarah, you have been selected for the job. The other details like the joining details will me mailed to you. Okk"

I was blank. I got placed. I got the job. Yess.


"Thanku ma'am. Thanku so much. Bye" and with that I hung up the phone and went in sujood (prostration) thanking Allah SWT for this job and for everything.

I was literally jumping and screaming in my room and then ran down to tell mamma screaming.

"Mamma, mamma.." I called her.

"What happen Sarah?" she came running towards me and I smiled and hugged and kissed her on the cheek.

"Mamma I got placed.. I got the job. Yayy. Alhumdulillah" I said jumping and twirling her.

Mamma smiled and cupped my face in her palms and said, "MashaAllah, my daughter is the best"

I rolled my eyes. Moms and their pride for their child.

"Oh no mamma, I am no-" I turned around and to my horror I saw a lady standing their in the drawing room and smiling.

Holy sh- crap.

With all this happiness I had forgot that they had come. But their was only a middle aged lady and no one else. Dont they come in dozens when they come to see a girl.

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