Chapter 5

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I was lying on my bed staring at the ceiling lost in my thoughts. What do I do. Just the thought of marriage sends a shiver down my body. I mean I dont want to marry. I dont want to leave my  parents. I love them so much. I remember since childhood till now, whenever anyone asks me about marriage I would just say that I will never marry. But I know one day or the other my parents will marry me off to some random guy.

Its not that I dont want it. I mean who wouldnt want a person who cares for her. I want a person who cares for me, pampers me, for whom I am important and who is equally important for me, who respects me and loves me, does all sorts of romantic things and with whom I can go all cheesy. But its just that I am scared. Scared like hell. Of leaving my parents, of living with a stranger that too a guy. Allah knows I am not even comfortable in the company of a girl whom I dont know, what will I do when I have to live with a man. Ya Allah help me. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps all over my body.

Just then there was a harsh bang on my door tearing me away from my deep thoughts and I knew who it was.


"What Wali?" I said still lying on the bed. I heard a chuckle making me furious.

I stood up and opened up the door to see him smiling like an idiot.

"Why are you smiling like a dumb?" I asked making my way back to my bed.

"How do you know it was me?" He asked coming in to my room and sat on the bed grinning at me. Oh I am hating his smile right now.

O Fish. Does he know. Sh- fish. No no no. He cannot know that. He will tease me for like all my life. Aagh. Please Allah dont let him know. Fingers crossed.

"Haddi - haddi" he was waving his hands infront of my face frantically breaking me from my trance.

"I told you not to call me Haddi" I said smacking him on his head. Yes he calls me haddi, meaning bone as I am very thin kind of skinny.

"And who else bangs a door like this" I said.

"Oh yeah! You know I am awwsum" he said pulling up the collar of his t-shirt.

"Woah woah.. Dont be so full of yourself little brother" I said chuckling. This is the first time since my return from college that I have actually forgot about that topic.

Yeah and only Wali can do that. Love you Bro.

"By the way whats that smile which is plastered on your face" I asked raising my eyebrow.

He smiled again. A very big one. An ear to ear smile.

Oh My Allah. I sense danger.

"Well well.. my BIG, HADDI, SOON TO BE MARRIED SISTER, what gift do you want on your marriage" He said winking at me.

He knows. HE K.N.O.W.S.

My eyes popped out at his frankness. My cheeks turning red due to anger and embarassment.

He was still smiling.

I glared at him.

And with this he burst out laughing holding his stomach and fell from the bed rolling on the floor. At the sight I thought that the phrase #ROFL is actually practised by my stupid brother.

"Waliii, Stop laughing" I stood up from the bed and stomped my feet on the floor.

"Y..your..haha... Ffaacee.. Ahahaaa..." he said between his laughs. I was burning with anger. Then an Idea came to my mind.

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