Chapter 24

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Yazan's POV

Today is our waleema, and today is the last day I'm taking an off from office. My work has started to pile up and is pending. But all of this is worth. Sarah.

I shook my head at myself thinking what was happening to me, buttoning up my shirt. Coming back from london, I had promised myself that I'll try my best to make this relationship work, and by far I had succeeded. I had gone out of my way to make her believe in us, to trust me and to give us a chance, because whatever the situation was, we are now married and from today onwards we will be starting a new phase.

I had seen that dress in london and immediately Sarah's face flashed in front of my eyes. It was simple yet elegant just like her. She was looking happy that day at the party, but that glitch..., just when I thought that I was a step further, that one sentence took me ten steps back. I had realised that very moment what I had done, but it was too late and that could never be taken back and I was so guilty that I couldnt make myself to talk to her. But with Stephen's help, I came up with an amazing idea and decided to make it up to her. The dinner date was good, she was smiling but there was something in her eyes, holding her back.

She'll come around. InnShaaAllah.

"Ya Allah what's happening to me. All I think about is her, everytime" I muttered combing my hair.

I wasnt like this before. I mean I dont like talking much, but with her I am someone else.

I am just trying to make this relationship work, yes, thats why I am behaving like this.

But what about those cheesy tantics, like the chocolate and ice cream ones.

Shut up heart. I am doing this for Allah's sake. I am completing half of my deen.

"Haye mera bachhaa, hero lag raha hai bilkul" came a beautiful voice and I turned around smiling and rolled my eyes. Mothers and their pride for their children.

"Haye meri ammi, heroine lag rahi hai bilkul" I replied back smiling and she playfully hit me on my arm. Kissing her on her forehead I hugged her and we both laughed.

"Come sit, I have to talk to you" ammi said taking my hand in her and led me to the couch.

"Listen carefully to what I am saying, okay" she said and I nodded getting confused as to what she was about to say.

"You will be starting a new phase today, Yazan, a new person will share your life from now, she will be with you everytime. You have a responsiblity now beta, Sarah is your responsibility. Gone are the days when you had no worry, no responsibilty. A girl leaves her parents to live with a stranger, and its not easy for her, not at all, which you guys will never understand. But we never expect you to understand, all we expect is care, love, respect which now is your duty to give it to her. You understand what I am saying" she asked and I nodded listening to her intently.

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