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Beyond my destiny by twilightscar22731
Beyond my destinyby twilightscar22731
"Let go! Please!" She yelled as she struggled with his tight grip on her hands "No! I can't let you go, I would lose you if I did" he yelled back, h...
  • destiny
  • sonic
  • shadow
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Radioactive by mooseinsocks
Radioactiveby Megan
Radio Active is a girl used for experiments done by the capital. After ten year of tests done on her because of radioactive blood she is sent back to her home. Radio Act...
  • quotes
  • rebel
  • rebellion
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Healing Aaron by iam_francy098
Healing Aaronby iam_francy098
Meet Sarah Williams. She's a 21 year old first-year psychiatrist resident. She lost her parents when she was a little child. But due to an accident, she lost her memory...
  • love
  • trauma
  • amnesia
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The Real Thing by makeshapeshifter
The Real Thingby makeshapeshifter
I fell in love at age seventeen. Only that was The Wrong Time. For us. So it didn’t work out. And that’s okay. I fell in love again at age eighteen. Again, The Wrong Tim...
  • upum
  • peter
  • ally
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Christopher  by CrimsonAngel000
Christopher by CrimsonAngel000
"Nothing is going back to normal, not after this. Nothing will be the same in Hawkins again." So I kinda wrote another book, WHAPS. This is dedicated to @-Un...
  • thesslyhydra
  • monster
  • strangerthings
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Kanoodling by bogsungguo
Kanoodlingby Hui Xin Guo
He sat in the front of the classroom. His hair was dyed this beautiful brown color. He was messing around with his pen when he should've been listening. He wasn't the br...
  • sweden
  • fanficfortae
  • darren
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Thing's Happen by NamePooter
Thing's Happenby 리나
Thing's can happen out of thin air and this girl Sarah had to learn that the hard way when she wasn't able to tell a special someone how she truly felt.
  • death
  • love
  • boy
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Sarah wants a puppy by puppylover060
Sarah wants a puppyby puppylover060
My book is about a girl who wants a puppy and her name is Sarah she gets a husky puppy and then one night the Husky runs away and find another husky and if you read the...
  • doggy
  • puppy
  • sarah
Haunted Love by Pinkpony09
Haunted Loveby Emerald Green
You had a normal life until you had to move. You started hearing about murders in your new area. Every night you heard scratching on your door. The scratching got closer...
  • damen
  • hale
  • sarah
I Am Storm [ One Shot ] by littleninjamari
I Am Storm [ One Shot ]by Mari Bramson
When someone participates in a fanfic writing contest, usually they write about the main characters, but as everyone knows by now I am no sane writer, so instead of writ...
  • random
  • fanfic
  • one
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The Aftermath Of Lust (Sequel to My Weak Spot) by cryingonthemetro
The Aftermath Of Lust (Sequel to cryingonthemetro
  • nadine
  • harding
  • cole
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Vacation Time by lindseylovesdogs
Vacation Timeby Lindsey Danner
Taryn, Claudia and Lindsey are going on a Cruise 🚢 to relax until Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor came on board to do a performance. And bumped into Sarah, Kate and All...
  • relax
  • sarah
  • meghantrainor
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Dollhouse by --ALICE--
Dollhouseby --ALICE--
First book in the dollhouse series. Alana is a 16 year old girl normal life good friends, loving parents. But that changed she is stolen from that...
  • help
  • alana
  • dollhouse
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My Friends by bobthecar
My Friendsby Nora Fedora
These are my very good friends! Editing and Cover by @OverwatchFan76
  • bella
  • anna
  • friends
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