Chapter 2

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"Good morning Sarah" Aditya said with the biggest smile.

"Good morning Aditya" I said lowering my gaze.

Just then Hana jumped in the conversation.

"Hello Aditya"

"Oh hi Hana" he answered behaving as if he hasnt even acknowledged her.

"Shall we move to the class, its almost time" I said.

"Yes, yes please. After you pretty girl" he said smirking. Not that I saw that smirk on his face as my eyes were fixed on the ground but I could feel the smirk. Aaarrghh.



PRETTY GIRL!! Who the Hell is he to talk to me like that.

I stopped then and there at the moment, my cheeks heating up not because of the complement but because I am mad.

I looked at Hana her eyes pleading not to burst out of anger.

Ok Relax Sarah.


Prophet Mohammed (may peace be upon him) has said to control our anger because anger is our worst enemy.

I turned towards Aditya frowning "Dont call me that" I said agitated.

He opened his mouth to say something but I cut him saying that we should leave.

We hurried to the class and as soon as we entered the class everyone started hooting in a very low voice that only we could hear. I stared at the class and then at Aditya and he was grinning.

I stomped my feet and raced towards the front seat and sat there. After a few minutes I was still mad and Hana was trying to ease me with her stupid jokes.

"Hey Sarah, Hana" we looked up and saw Ritika with a big smile on her face.

"Hey Ritzzyy" and she came to sit beside us.

"Whats up pretty ladies" Ritzzy said with a fullhearted smile and Hana burst out laughing holding her stomach. I rolled my eyes.

Whats with everyone saying pretty.


I gave her an annoying look and then I too started laughing.

"Woah guyz! Whats happening? Did I miss something" Ritzzy asked in amusement.

"Aditya called her pretty girl" Hana again burst out laughing. And then we all were in hysterics.

After sometime class started. At lunch break we ate our food and then we moved towards the empty room to pray duhr namaz. Ritzzy always sat their when we prayed and looked out for us when any boy wanted to enter the room. I prayed for my presentation. And Alhumdulillah it went well.

I entered the house with the most amazing smell of food. My mom makes the best food.

"Assalamulaikum Mamma"

"Walikumassalam Sarah, come here" mamma called from the kitchen.

"How was your day?" she asked circling the spatula in the kadhai (a utensil)

"Alhumdulillah, it was good" except Aditya. Huh.

"Where is Samia Aapi?"

"She's in your room. Go pray asar and then come down for the lunch" she said wiping her hands off the towel.

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