Chapter 8

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We were going to college, with Hana driving the scooty and continuously rambling to which I was paying no heed to.

I was lost in my own thoughts when the scooty came to a halt with a jerk.

"Bismillah!! What happen?" I asked Hana in a panick, my eyes continuously surveying the road in search of anyone getting hurt.

Hana didn't reply and instead just asked me while getting off the scooty to come over to the side of the road leaving me behind.

"But Hana what happen? We're getting late" I asked confused glancing at my watch and went to stand beside her.

Then I realized that Hana had stopped at our favourite place.
We had stopped at the bridge and beneath it flowed a river. This bridge happened to be in the middle of our going to college.

We often stopped at this spot to ease our tensions, to celebrate and whenever we felt like. So this was our every mood spot.

The view from here was so beautiful, so serene that one could easily forget their tensions. The cool breeze and the sounds of the water flowing is just so appealing that you could stand here for the whole day long.

I was lost deep in my thoughts when I felt a touch on my hand breaking me from my trance.

I looked up to find Hana staring at me.

"What happened Hana? Is everything alright? Any problem? Tell me" I queried.

"I think I should ask you that" she said with a straight face.

I sighed and turned my face to the view of flowing water.

"I know something is wrong Sarah. Tell me. What is bothering you?" She asked squeezing my hand.

"Nothing Hana, its just this placement" I replied dryly not looking in her direction.

"No, its not just that. There is something else. I figured it the moment I entered your house this morning. The heck you didnt even remember about the company drive for which you were so excited" she whisper yelled. I looked at her and she ran her hand on her face sighing and continued,

"Look Sarah, I know you dont like to talk and share much but for once try to share things, you'll feel much better. Dont pile up everything Sarah, dont gather everything inside you. Let it out. After all what are friends for" she ended her speech with a wink making me smile.

She took my hands in hers and asked me to tell her making me cry all of a sudden. She hugged me and I cried on her shoulder grabbing her arm. She was soothing me continuously running her hand over my back.

"Sshhh.. Its okay" she tried soothing me and I sobbed clinging onto her.

After a few moments I got hold of myself, the ends of my hijab wet from the tears. I told Hana that we were getting late for college but she said that the company will be late.

We stood there for a few moments leaning on the railing of the bridge without saying anything.

I took a long deep breath,

"A marriage proposal came... For me" I said looking at the clear blue sky.

Hana didnt say anything instead she just put her hand over my shoulders. I looked at her and gave a tight lipped smile, tears again forming in my eyes. She nodded encouraging me to continue.

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