Chapter 38 (1)

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Ya Allah..please keep her safe.

I actually couldnt think straight for a whole minute as I sat there on the bed frozen on my spot. The phone now disconnected, was on the floor, when my eyes landed on it and in a swift movement was in my hands dialing her number.

The number you are trying to reach is currently switched off.

Fisting the sheets, nervousness and fear gripping me, I continued calling her but got the same response everytime. Without wasting any minute, I rushed outside taking my wallet and my keys, almost tripping on the stairs and ran out the house.

Reaching the spot where I last left her, I looked around praying and hoping to get a glimpse of her, to just assure that she is okay, but I couldnt see her. There was this unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was wrong, wrong with her. I could feel it. I dont know what took over me and I started running like a maniac looking here and there, and calling for her.


Hoping to hear her voice, but none. The rain had stopped, but the roads were still wet, making me slip and I fell on my hands, leaving a burning sensation. But I didnt paid heed to it and got up immediately, when my eyes landed on a certain someone at a distance, with a covered head sitting on a bench in a park.

Relief washing over me, I ran towards her calling her name and kept my hand on her shoulder from behind,

"Sarah" I whispered, tired and gasping for breath from all the running, and she turned around alarmingly, unless, she wasnt her. I took a step back, seeing a girl in around 20s, looking all scared with wide eyes at me.

"I-I am sorry. I were someone else" she nodded slowly gulping down at me, and her eyes relaxed. I noticed she held a big stone in her hand ready to kill anyone with it, which she hid behind her. I turned around ready to leave in search of Sarah again, when something flashed in me and I stopped.

The girl looked like she was lost. And by the look of it she was scared as hell. But what was she doing here in the middle of the night?

"Umm..sister, this place is not safe at this hour. I think you should return back to your home" I said and she looked at me, with scared eyes. Without replying she turned around and clutched her bag close to her.

My mind was continuously asking me to leave and look for Sarah, but I couldnt leave this girl here alone. I assumed she had nowhere to go, so I quickly fished out a card from my wallet and kept it on the chair beside her at a distance.

" can go here. Its a shelter home, just walking distance from here, much better and safer than here. I have to leave immediately, otherwise I would have dropped you there. I'll call the manager, her name is Shabana, she'll let you in. And dont worry, its only for girls" at this she looked at me, with an emotion I couldnt really point and nodding softly at her, I ran. Again.

As I reached further, I saw a scene of accident. A car was smashed into a tree, and the glass shards were scattered all over the floor, but I kept running, when all of a sudden I stopped. With a very heavy heart, I turned around to look, praying that its not what I was thinking, but as soon as my eyes landed on it, my legs shook and I sat on the floor with a thud.

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