Chapter 40

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"Sarah, stop acting like a child. Just finish it off. Open your mouth" mamma said angrily making me pout and I almost felt like crying.

"Mamma please. You know I dont like this soup, or any soup, to say. Have you forgotten that I am at home, and not at hospital. Give me something good to eat. Something made by you." I cried as she took a deep breath.

"This is made by me Sarah-" she was cut off by baba's voice.

"How finish this soup and then have icecream" he said raising his eyebrows at me making me grin and wonder as to what had happened to him. I mean, he was never the one to spoil us with icecream, and especially when either of us were sick.

"Mamma, aaaa" I opened my mouth wide as she shook her head in anger and fed me.

"Are you a small kid?," she said looking at me and then turned towards baba, who was now making himself comfortable next to me on the bed, "And why are you being so lenient? When she gets cold, you will be the only one to get worried" she scolded baba as he shrugged looking away, and I held back my smile, seeing them banter.

"Do whatever you want" she said as she fed me the last spoon and left the room, huffing as I looked at baba and we both burst into laughter, but I immediately regretted it as pain shot through my body, making me wince loudly.

"Oh what happen beta" he immediately tensed and held my hand. I forced back a smile and shook my head. After being convinced, that I was alright and making me feel comfortable on the bed, he left to bring me icecream.

I looked around the room, my parent's room, and thought of all the memories I had with my parents, and how after so many days I was here in this room, and that too when I was all broken, both inside and out.

At the hospital, when I declared that I will come to my home, for a moment there was silence, and I couldnt help but glance at his face, which held a thousand emotions, shock..hurt..guilt?

"Actually, I was thinking the same. I think Sarah should stay with us till she recovers" baba said making me look at him in shock.

"Of course, you should go to your home. You need your parents the most at this time. But dont forget that our home is yours too, and you are our daughter" aunty said keeping her hand on my cheek making me nod.

As we had reached, Wali was entering the house and had grinned on seeing us. And thank Allah, he was there and I was saved from the torment of being carried in his arms, as he was all ready to pick me up. But before he could do that, I directed Wali through my eyes what he had to do, and him being my saviour, quickly came forward and saved me from the embarrasment.

I was taken to my parent's room, as my room was on the first floor and after much discussion, it was decided that, mamma would sleep here with me and baba would sleep with Wali in his room, much to Wali's horror as I laughed at his state.

"Here is your icecream" came baba's voice and sat infront of me holding the spoon close to my mouth. Smiling I ate one spoon and told him that I could eat by myself. So after keeping the bowl on a small table over my legs, he left saying that he had to go buy some medicines for me.

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