Chapter 27

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Assalamualaikum beautiful readers!! Here I come again with the next update! Honestly, I had decided that I'll update this chapter after 10-15 days, coz I seriously needed time to write it, but... You guyz are so amazing, and because of your love and support, I thought.. I have to update earlier. I actually had some sort of writers block in this chapter, but anyways, here it is. And I seriously dont know, when I'll be updating next. So enjoy.


The file fell from my hand and made a thud sound, when they realised and jumped away from each other. As soon as his eyes fell on me, they widened and his face paled. I couldnt believe my eyes what I had just witnessed.

No, it cant be.

My heart did not wanted to believe it, but what about my eyes who had witnessed such a heinous scene. I felt my heart crashing into pieces as the tears threatened to spill, but I contained them.

"S-sarah" he stood up suddenly, pushing back the chair in process, as he looked at me with some emotions, I couldnt lay a finger on.

I couldnt bear to stand in their vicinity, so I turned and ran out pushing open the door. I heard his voice asking me to wait, but I didnt. I kept running, not bothering to wipe away my tears which had started falling the moment I had left his cabin. I ran into the washroom and closed the door behind me. The tears were not stopping, as I wiped them away in anger.

"Sarah, please open the door. Let me explain. Its not what you think" he banged on the door, his voice pleading.

"Sir, the clients have reached.. meeting is about to start" it was Hiba mam now, but there was another bang shortly after. Taking a deep breath, I washed my face, tried to fake a smile and walked out of the door. As I came out, he immediately came forward, but I took a step back and said,

"Sir, you should leave for the conference room, the meeting is about to start" and walked away not sparing a glance at him or Hiba mam who was still standing a few steps away from him.

As I sat in my cubicle, my mind replayed the scene again and again making me clasp my hands together tightly that the nails left a mark on my hands. After the meeting Hiba mam came back to her place but didnt say anything. I was hoping that she would say something, clear my doubts, but nothing.

"Sarah" came his soft voice. My hands stilled and my heartbeats rose, but I didnt look up and tried to remain calm.

"Sarah, come with me I have to talk to you" he said but I didnt reply. Then he suddenly grabbed my wrist and pulled me up as I winced and glared at him. He replied me with a glare of his own and pulled me towards himself,

"Come with me right now.." he said gritting his teeth, "Please" he softly whisper pleaded and for a moment I was lost in his eyes, but then again the scene came infront of my eyes and I jerked away my hand from his grip.

"I have a lot of work to do, so please can you excuse me, Sir" I said and was about to sit back down when he grabbed my wrist again and started dragging me behind him.

"Leave me..Yazan" I cried wiggling out from his grasp but to no avail. He entered his cabin and closed the door behind him and then finally loosen his hold and I jerked away my hand.

"I am sorry, I had to do this, but you were not ready to listen Sarah" he said holding my hand softly but I pulled back my hand and turned around crossing my hands over my chest.

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