Chapter 10

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Salam everyone!! Here I am again with the next chapter. I hope u all like it. Also I will mostly be writing Sarah's POV, but sometimes here n there I will post Yazan's Pov also.

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It was Monday.

A new day.

A new beginning.

Today is my first day at office. And I am nervous like hell. I couldnt sleep all night. I had also prayed tahajjud after so many days. The whole night I was thinking of the various scenarios that would happen to me.

What will the office be like?

What sort of people will be there?

Will I be able to make friends keeping in mind my shy nature?


Stop. Stop Sarah.

Everything will be fine InShaaAllah.

Hasbi Allah. Hasbi Allah. Hasbi Allah.

Keeping all my thoughts away and taking a deep breath I resumed to doing my errands.

I was wearing a pink coloured kurta with cream leggings and dupatta. As it was my first day I had to look presentable, so I had made some extra efforts in putting kajal and a very light lip colour. I wrapped a printed white and black hijab around my head and I was ready. I took my bag and rushed downstairs.

"Mamma I am ready" I called out to mamma and she came out of the kitchen smiling with a tray of breakfast in her hands.

I frowned on seeing so much of food. I dont eat much in the morning. Just a glass of milk and a toast sometimes.

"Mamaa.." but she cut me before I could speak any further.

"Sit down and eat" she said sternly glaring at me.

I sat down immediately and started eating. She smiled at me and went back in the kitchen only to bring back a lunch box.

I stared at the box in horror and then at mamma.

"Dont look at me, you are taking this with you" she kept the box in my bag while rambling,

"The whole day you will be there and Allah knows what sort of food you will get there. Oh Allah, what if you dont get any food there, and..."

And she kept on speaking while I ate in silence. I dare not cut her in between, otherwise Allah knows what will happen. Suddenly someone cleared their throat from behind and mamma stopped and  both of us looked up to find Baba standing their all dressed.

"Where are you going so early?" mamma asked baba while returning back to her work.

"I am going to drop off Sarah to office" he replied and came to sit beside me.

"Baba, I am going to office not to school" I said rolling my eyes.

"Yes I know beta. But you dont know the exact location. I will drop you today and from tomorrow you can go all by yourselves. Okk."

"Okk" I replied knowing there is no use arguing and then I glanced at my watch.


"Ya Allah I am getting late. Baba come on fast." and I rushed towards the gate after saying salam to mamma.

I was sitting looking out of the window and the events of Saturday came to my mind.

Marriage. That sweet lady. The envelope.

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