Chapter 41 (2)

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Assalamualaikum beautiful readers!! .

Also guyz many of you said that the previous chapter was small. I know, but it was because the chapter is divided into two parts and this is the next part of it.

Also who all are eager to see Sarah and Yazan together, please guyz try to understand. They both have gone through a lot, especially Sarah. The situation almost cost her life. So I cannot just jump on to them being all mushy in a single chapter.

Even I am trying to make it as soon as possible, but I want to show the emotions and feelings lying behind their broken forms and their struggle to come back to their normal lives. And when I start to write a chapter, I determine to make them together at the end of that chapter, but as the chapter descends I am nowhere near to show them together, and still feel that I am not doing justice to the feelings and emotions of the characters.

Just have patience people. It all will happen soon, Inn Shaa Allah. Be with me and keep supporting me. You really dont know how your simple words make my day and mean so much more to me. I didnt get much comments and feedback on the previous chapter, and it made me sad, but then there wasnt much to comment, so I understand.

Sorry for this loong note. But it had to be said.

Enjoy and leave your lovely comments. Vote and Share too.


"Hana, beta you sure your parents wouldn't mind. You haven't met them yet" mamma said making Hana shake her head.

"No aunty. I have had a talk with them. They dont mind, and anyways I am going to meet them after meeting Yazan bhai"

We were now on our way to Yazan's house, and to say that I was nervous was an understatement. I was continuously fiddling with my fingers, trying to block everything out of my mind.

I was sitting at the front next to baba, as the seat had seatbelt, helping me to keep put in place. Baba was driving as slow as he could, as even a slow jerk would make me wince. I wasnt fit for traveling, but I did. Baba wasnt in favour of my going, and actually was angry at mamma.. for nothing. They had a small argument back at home, with mamma telling him that she didnt told me to go, and baba accusing her of the same. And then I jumped in between, saying that it was my decision to go.

I wanted to go. I wanted to see him with my own eyes, only then I will be relieved. A sudden pit made the car to jerk, and a pain shot through my chest, but I didnt made a sound, and swallowed down any voice that could have erupted from my throat.

"Sorry beta, I didnt see the pit" baba said slowing down the car even more, making me groan.

"Baba, I am fine. Please dont drive this slow. Its irritating. Look, the bicycle rider got ahead of us" I said pointing and huffed.

I wanted to reach as fast as possible, but then thinking about it, I also wanted that the journey never ends.

Uff... I am such a confused person.

"Keep quite and sit tight. We will reach in about ten minutes" he said scolding me and I pouted and crossed my arms over my chest.

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