Chapter 29

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It was sunday today and me and Hana had decided to meet before she leaves for her honeymoon to I dont know where. Apparantly its a surprise for Hana and Mustafa bhai is not spilling the location, and then the couple will leave for London.

We had decided to spend the day together doing anything to everything and then at the end of the day we would have dinner with our husbands, in Hana's words, we will be having a 'double date'.

I was getting ready when my phone buzzed and I almost jumped on it to put it on silent as Yazan was still sleeping. I turned to see if he was disturbed, but he just turned to the other side and slept again. Taking a sigh of relief, I picked up the phone to answer Hana,

"Assalamualaikum" I whispered.

"Walaikumassalam" she too whispered on the other end making me chuckle.

I then again whisper asked as to why she was whispering and she asked the same question.

"Shut up Hana. I am almost ready, I just have to wrap my hijab. I'll see you in 30 minutes." I said combing my long hair when all of a sudden two arms came from behind and were wrapped around my waist making me gasp. I saw him in the mirror as he rested his chin on my shoulder with closed eyes and hair all over his face.

"Good morning darling" he mumbled while I was still frozen on my spot.

"Eww eww..I am hanging up. Dont be late" Hana sang at the end and hung up not waiting for my reply.

"Where are you going?" he asked in the same position while I tried to calm my pounding heart and to move away from him but he didnt budge and instead groaned and tightened his grip.

"I-I told you yesterday that I am going with Hana" I said, my voice barely coming out as his breaths fanned my neck below my hair. He just hummed.

"Yazan, I am getting late" I said finally disentangling his hand around my waist and he sat on the bed grumbling something under her breath, while I chuckled looking at him through the mirror. He looked cute though, with his eyes closed, hair all over the place and a cute pout.

Shaking my head at my thoughts I resumed my work and tied my hair into a low bun.

"You look beautiful with your hair open" his voice came suddenly and I looked at him in the mirror, to be met with his piercing gaze.

"Uhumm.. Thank you" I said looking away and wrapped the hijab, all the while controlling my unfaithful heart which decided to go crazy everytime he came close to me or complemented me.

"Now go and freshen up, I am going to make breakfast. Come down quickly" I told him as he raised his eyebrows in question.

"What? You think I cannot make a simple omelette? I can make it, okay. Its just, I dont like cooking. Now stop smiling and go. I had already asked aunty last night, to sleep till late today. You will help me. Go" I said threatening him, my hands on my waist while he chuckled and raised his hands in surrender and turned around. I took my sandals and was about to exit the room when his voice, which held a little bit of amusement, called me,

"Sarah.. I heard you threatened Hiba..hmm" while I stilled on my spot.

"Stupid Stephen" I muttered under my breath and slowly turned around with the best smile I could and saw him with his index finger under his chin while his lips were twitched upwards. He wiggled his eyebrows and I put on my most innocent face and said, "No. I didnt threaten her. I just politely asked her to get married" and he nodded trying to hide the smile and went inside the washroom. I facepalmed myself which actually resulted in shoefacepalming, coz I had my sandals in my hand.

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