Chapter 42

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After my parents left, along with Hana, leaving me behind, I couldnt help as a few tears rolled down my cheeks, and before anyone could see I wiped them away. It felt as if it was the first time that they were leaving me here, and was feeling the same pain gripping me when I first left my home after my nikah.

I could see the discomfort at baba's face and worry in mamma's eyes, as they sat in the car, and looked at me longingly before they drove off.

I was now sitting in the living room, with a big bowl of apples (which I dont like, I must say), with aunty's glaring eyes and uncle's amused face staring back at me.

"Sarah, dont act like a spoiled brat. Ya Allah, I never imagined I'll have to force feed my bahu (daughter in law)" She exclaimed looking upwards making me bite my lip to stop the smile.

"Oh and now she is laughing at me" she again said horrified raising her hands dramatically making me and uncle burst out in laughter.

Her eyes widened on seeing us and I guess her lips twitched upwards a little as a smile crept upto her face but then faking her anger she huffed and stood up. Pointing her index finger at me she told me to finish off the apples till the time she makes breakfast for Yazan, well that would account to a brunch. Or else, I'll get a beating from her. Well that made me laugh even more, and seeing my reaction she rolled her eyes and left saying something to the lines of 'stubborn case'.

I eyed the apples, staring at me, ready to get into my mouth, and I made a face. Guess I'll have to eat them. Back at home, it was baba's job to make me finish all the apples, as mama said she was tired of dealing with me. Suddenly uncle cleared his throat and I looked up at him. He smiled at me making me return back the smile.

"Umm.. Sarah beta, can I have a word with you?" he said rather awkwardly and I frowned but nodded anyway.

"Actually..umm.. Do you want to rest? You must be tired. Come I'll take you to the room" he said quickly getting up but I shook my head.

"No uncle, its okay. I am fine here"

"I know you are fine, but its long since you have been sitting and you need proper rest" he said standing and came to my side as he held me softly from my shoulder. Sighing, I nodded and picking up the bowl of apples, I slowly stood, uncle giving me support as he called out to aunty telling her that he is taking me to the guest room, where he was.

"How are you feeling?" he asked as we slowly walked towards our destination, him walking at a distance next to me.

"Good uncle. The medicines are very useful." he nodded.

"I wasnt talking physically.." he said softly making me look at him.

"I know something happened between you two before the accident" he said as I halted in my tracks and immediately looked away feeling his gaze on me.

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