Chapter 18

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Sarah's POV

It is my nikah today.

Its 7 in the morning and I haven't slept for a minute the last night. The whole night had gone contemplating whether he knew or not that it was me who he was getting married to.

Maybe thats why he was acting weird around me..

Aaggghhh. Shut up. Just shut up mind.

I had prayed tahajjud and then read quran. When I was praying fajr, mamma had come to wake me up but left on seeing me praying. I had prayed all night. I had cried all night. And because of that my eyes were bloodshot red and I was looking like a zombie as I stood infront of the mirror.

As I came out of the washroom I watched Samia sleeping soundly placing one hand over her eyes and the other over her tummy securely.

I small smiled and the knock on the door broke me from my trance. I opened the door and in came Hana.

"Assalamualaikum" we both said in unison and then hugged laughing.

"What happened to your face?" she shreiked suddenly.

"Ya Allah Hana"

"Allah rehem" me and Samia said together as she jolted from her sleep.

Me and Hana immediately went towards her and calmed her as sudden jolts were not good for her health.

After sometime she calmed keeping one hand over her chest and the other around her tummy.

I glared at Hana and she mouthed sorry and smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry Samia appi, I didnt know that you were here. But you cant blame me, look at her face. How is she supposed to look like a zombie on her nikah" she said pointing at me.

And now it was Samia's turn to shriek.

"Saaraaah!!!! Didnt you sleep last night?? Oh My Allah! Oh My Allah!! We have to put on a lot of makeup to hide those dark circles" she started panicking.

"Calm down Samia" I shouted putting a hand on her shoulder.
"Its not good for the baby.. And besides I am not going to cake my face with makeup. You know I dont like it" I said getting up from the bed.

They both looked at each other first and then looked at me and shouted simultaneously, "SHUT UP"

"What? Besides the nikah is in the masjid and we are not having any big function" I said shrugging my shoulders.

"So what? Its not everyday you have your nikah. And my are not doing it for the people but for your husband. InnShaaAllah." Samia said and Hana nodded in affirmative.

"Whatever" I mumbled hiding the fact that my heart was beating frantically on hearing the word husband.

Ya Allah. Within a few hours I will be married. A few months earlier I could have never imagined that I'll get married in the next few months. But here I am sitting with Allah knows what type of face pack Hana had forced me to put on.

I could hear the hustle and bustle in the house. The relatives had started pouring in and I was getting all the more irritated by it. I dont like too many people. I avoid social gatherings as much as possible. But I cannot avoid today.

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