Chapter 13

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Sarah's POV

The next day I woke up for fajr after many attempts by my daring mother.

Yeah daring. Coz it takes a lot of courage to wake me up from my sleep.

After offering namaz I read Quran for sometime and then again went back to sleep.

I was getting ready for office. Wali was getting ready for college and Samia Api had gone back to her inlaws yesterday while I was in office.

I hurried to office and finally reached there on time.


I thought I would be late. You know I love my sleep soo much.

I wished Hiba ma'am and sat on my chair and started the work given by her. My hands were feeling better now. Last night I told mamma about the incident and she scolded me back for locking the door.

Huh. Typical mothers. And she insisted on putting ointment after my continuous attempts of refusing and telling her that I am okay.

I was working when Sir came and I stood up to wish him. He nodded a little and went away to his cabin and I sat back to resume my work. Then all of a sudden I was startled by his voice.

"How are your hands now Miss. Sarah?" he asked.

I hurriedly stood up and saw him standing next to my cubicle. For a moment I was lost in his appearance. He was wearing a black suit with crisp white shirt, hands in his pocket.

"Miss. Sarah?" he called again and I snapped out of my thoughts.

"Um.. Y-yes Sir, I am fine. Thank you for asking" I replied with a small smile. He nodded and went away.

What the hell Sarah.. What gets into you when he is around..

Nothing just his eyes...


Shut up mind.

I relaxed a bit and shook my head and turned around only to see Hiba mam glaring at me. But as soon as I turned she resumed back her work. I didnt get that.

Why was she glaring at me?

I shrugged and got back to my work.


It had become my daily routine. Waking up for fajr then going to office, doing work, offering my namaz and then back to home.

It had been around two weeks since I joined office. I was enjoying my work very much. I just want to succeed in life, to become independent. Also Sir was happy with my work. He had also appreciated me once for my work. I dont know but Hiba mam's nature was changing towards me day by day. Ehsan sir also tried to approach me one or two times but I gave him a cold shoulder so he never came back again, but then also he keeps on staring me from time to time. I also made a very good friend Stephen. He is Sir's PA and is a very jolly person. He has helped me a lot in making me comfortable here in office.

Aand... I still dont know the name of the boss. Yeah yeah I know its been two weeks and I am friends with his PA but I dont talk much. We have never talked about Sir. We just talk about work and some other stuff like movies and novels. And everyone in office calls him Sir. So... I never got the chance to know his name. And honestly I dont care. I just want to do my work and make my career.

And Alhumdulillah mamma never asked about the photo after that which I dont know has disappeared somewhere.

As I was entering office I saw Ehsan standing at the entrance leaning against the door.

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