Chapter 38 (2)

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It had been two days since her accident and she hadn't woken up yet, but Alhumdulillah she wasnt in coma. The doctors themselves were not able to understand what was wrong. Her vitals were normal, she was recovering, but she wasnt conscious. I havent visited the hospital since then. I couldn't. All I have been doing since the last two days is pray.

Apparantly ammi was very angry with me for not visiting her, but dad was rather cooperative. I have been asking him about her from time to time. All of them have been taking turns to stay at the hospital.

I was at home, and didnt go to the office as well. How could I? Stephen was taking care of the office with other higher officials. When he came to know about Sarah's accident, he was very sad and I think I saw a lone tear too in his eyes, which he immediately masked. He knew I hadn't visited her and he was angry too, but I shut him up saying it was none of his business.

Suddenly my phone rang, breaking me from my trance. Seeing it was Stephen, I picked it up.

"Yes Stephen?" I asked keeping the phone between my ear and shoulder, while folding the prayer mat.

"Yazan, the foreign delegates are insisting to keep the meeting today, as they are leaving in the night.. So you would have to come here"

"Stephen, I am not coming. Tell them to postpone the meeting to some other day"

"I have already asked that, but they are adamant"

"Then they can go to hell"

"Shut up Yazan. Its a very important meeting, and what are you doing anyways. You are not going to the hospital, just idling away at home. So come right now. Just for half an hour" he said softly at the end making me sigh.

"Fine" I breathed out, hearing him mutter a, 'I dont know what has happened to you', that wasnt meant for me to hear. But I did.

Getting dressed, I reached office and everyone started asking me whether Sarah woke up or not, and all I could do was shake my head. Entering my cabin, I saw Stephen and glared at him making him roll his eyes.

There was a knock at the door, and before I could allow the person to enter, Hiba entered, rather, barged inside.

"Oh Yazan, where were you since the last two days. I was worried"

Me and Stephen both raised an eyebrow towards her as she came and sat infront of me, beside Stephen.

"Hiba, please leave. I am expecting some foreign delegates" I said rubbing my temples. I am in no mood to deal with her.

"But Yazan-"

"Excuse me? Last I knew I was your boss. So better call me Sir. And leave" I said gritting my teeth and Stephen smirked, as she nodded and left.

As soon as she left, he wolf whistled making me look at him.

"So I guess, you are scared of bhabhijaan, even when she is not around" he winked at me, making me tense and I looked away.

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