Chapter 14

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"What are you doing here and why were you locking the door ?"
I almost shouted in anger.


"Oh you know I wanted to talk to you" he said coming forward with a creepy smirk on his face.

Oh how I wanted to slap that smirk off of his face.

"You can talk to me outside in the office. Ok. Move aside" I said confidently mustering up all the courage, not showing even an ounce of fear that was flowing in me.

He kept coming forward making me go back step by step.

"What are you doing? I.said.MOVE" I shouted. Tears blurring my image. I fought hard to not let them flow. To not show him that I am weak.

But he didnt listen and stood in front of me creepily smiling at me. And suddenly he kept his hands on my shoulders.

My eyes went wide at his action and I pushed him hard with all my strength causing him to fumble back.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" I shouted.

And with that his expressions changed from shock to anger and leapt towards me taking me by shock and grabbed my arms.

"YOU. I want you." he said gruffly.

And by now I made no attempt to stop my tears and they started flowing freely on my cheeks. He was almost hovering over me tightly grabbing my arms. I tried to move out of his hands but to no avail. I wasnt even able to move.

"Why are you doing this? Leave me" I shouted while crying and hitting him with my fists anywhere on his body. But he kept holding me and minute by minute his hold was getting tighter if thats even possible.

And he laughed. That laugh so creepy, so dangerous that it sent shivers down my spine.

"To answer your question dear,-" he said tracing his finger on my left cheek "-you really fascinate me-" and I moved my face with a jerk to the other side.

He paused and grabbed my chin harshly with his hand and faced me towards himself.

"My dear, why are you crying? Pls dont. And why do you cover your hair" he said tracing his hands on my head.

I was scared. Too scared. Tears kept flowing from my eyes and I looked towards the door. But it was locked. Not fully locked but even if I try to run he will catch me again. And nobody comes to this area of this office. And I guess he read my thoughts as he said,

"No no. Dont even try that" he said again grabbing my arms.

"You know you wouldn't have gotten yourself in this trouble if you had just shook my hands that day. I dont like being embarassed and from that day I was watching you. So today is the day when I get to take revenge of my insult." he ended, again reaching for my cheeks but I slapped his hands away making him more angry.

Ya Allah. Rehem.

All this while I was just asking Allah to help me. To send someone to save me. I was continuously doing dhikr.

He started coming towards me, his eyes on my lips,

"P-please st-stop. Have fear of Allah" I said while sobbing and then, all of a sudden the door burst open and in came Sir and Stephen.


His head snapped towards them and the next moment they both were tackling him on the ground with Stephen beating the shit out of him and Sir trying to stop him.

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