Chapter 12

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Sarah's POV

"Dean" I whispered.

Those beautiful green eyes, so very similar to Dean. Uff.

I was looking at him with my mouth open when he bend a little and said something to which I only hummed.

Then I felt someone nudging my shoulder. I looked towards my right to find Hiba Mam standing next to me.

I stood up hurriedly and she introduced us. I looked up and wished him and then again lowered my gaze because I was feeling way too much embarassed.

All this while I couldn't comprehend what I did and what the hell I just said.


Astaghfirullah. Sarah what is wrong with you.

They were talking about something but I was in my own thoughts.

Way to embarass yourself Sarah.

You said Dean that too in front of your boss and that too on your very first day.

Haah. Wow. Just wow.

I wish I could disappear from there this instant.

Boss went to his room and I relaxed a little bit.

It was lunch time and I was waiting for mam to ask her for a place to offer namaz when this man around 35 came and stood in front of my cubicle.

"Hello there!! You look new. Whats your name?" he asked with a weird smile stuck to his face.

"Hello Sir! I am Sarah" I said standing up.

"Oh dont call me sir. Call me Ehsan." he said pushing his hand forward for me to shake.

I first looked at his smiling face and then his hand. With his name he seems muslim so I guess he must be knowing about the non-mehram thing.

"Umm.. Forgive me sir actually I dont shake hands with men. And I'll call you sir since you are senior to me" I said smiling.

I thought his expressions turned into some weird ones at first and then changed into a smile. A fake smile I must say. He nodded and then went away.

He kind of gives me creeps.

Oh namaz. I dismissed my negative thoughts and looked here and there to find mam. She is also a muslim so she'll understand and hopefully will not give me weird looks which I used to get in college.

But I was wrong. She did gave me weird looks but showed me a store room where I could pray. I hurried towards the bathroom and did my wudu, redid my hijab and went to the store room to pray. I still had 20 minutes before the lunch got over. I locked the room with difficulty I may add and started praying.

When I was done I made my way towards the door and tried unlocking it but the latch didnt budge. It was old that's for sure. I tried again but to no avail.

Ya Allah. I saw my watch and the lunch time was over.

I began opening it with all my might and in that process my hand got a cut.

"Uff Sarah why did you locked it in the first place." I said to myself.

Because you didnt wanted any unwanted person lingering around while you were praying.

Shut up mind, I know that.

And I started trying again slowly and with every inch of energy in me.

Finally after about 20 minutes I was able to unlock the door and was left with bruised hands.

I washed my hands made way to my cubicle to explain to Hiba mam but she was not there on her chair.

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