Chapter 25

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My eyes flew open to darkness all around, a small source of light making it possible just to see my hands in front of my eyes. I reached for my phone beside the pillow and saw the time. 2:35 a.m.

Making a tsk sound I turned towards my left thinking why am I not comfortable, only to be met with unknown surroundings. My eyes furrowed in confusion and I turned to my right only to see a person sleeping next to me making me jump and I sat straight. A scream was just about to leave my throat, when I realised who he was and where I was and stuffed my hand in my mouth to stop the scream.

Ya Allah. I wiped away the sweat from my forehead and put my hand on my chest to calm my racing heart breathing heavily. I then laid down at the end of the bed, a fear of darkness creeping upto me suddenly, upon realising the new surrounding and the night bulb was doing no good in keeping my fear away. I looked at his back turned towards me and then looked around the dark room and shut my eyes tightly, covering my face with the blanket.

A few minutes later when sleep was nowhere near me, the bed shifted a little and my eyes flung open ready to scream but it was just him turning around, his face now towards me. My heart was just about to leap out, so I shifted a little towards him. His hand was on the cushions, that were making a barrier between us and after hesitating for a whole minute, I slid my pinky finger in his, a sense of safety washing over me, and my fear slowly washing away. I slipped into sleep after reciting the three quls, ayat-al-kursi and all the duas I could remember watching his handsome face with a smile on my lips.

"Hey, wake up" I heard a soft voice and I hummed.

"Wake up Sarah, its fajr time"

"Just five minutes more mamma" and I pulled the pillow with my hand and rested my head on it, and I heard a chuckle.

"Darling, you can take your five minutes but please let me go" I heard an amused voice and my eyes flew open on realisation only to be met with his handsome face, just few inches away from me. I immediately backed a little and looked away but he didnt move from his lying position.

Why is he not going?

"As much as I want to be here, but fajr time is passing" he said and I looked at him confused. He then motioned towards something, all the while stifling his laugh, and I followed his direction, I was holding his hand. My eyes widened and I immediately pulled back my hand and looked away in embarrassment. He chuckled and got up from the bed and went in the bathroom. I facepalmed my self on my stupidity and sat up waiting for him to come out when my phone beeped.

Who is it, this time?

I picked up my phone and upon seeing who is it, I controlled my anger, got up from the bed and threw my phone on the bed in frustration and turned towards the window. Last night also he messaged me. I opened the windows and closed my eyes letting the cool breeze touch my face washing away the anger.

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