Chapter 22

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Sarah's POV

We all were in the living room of his house. Aunty had called us for dinner and for fixing the date for the waleema. Wali had an exam tomorrow so he was at home, mamma, baba and Samia with the most beautiful creation of Allah, her cute daughter were here. Ayeza, was born two and a half months back, wrapping everyone aroung her little finger.  She was a beautiful bundle of joy and was being spoiled by everyone, specially me, her khallo. I had bought so much clothes and toys for her that Samia api and Noman bhai were fed up and were sick of making space for the things that I bought.

We were all waiting for him to return from office, when the bell rang making my heartbeats increase.

The maid was about to open the door when aunty stopped her,

"Rukhsana you leave, Sarah will open the door" she said and my head snapped towards her smiling face. Hesitatingly I walked up to the door and opened it.

"Assalamualai-" his voice boomed but stopped shortly on seeing me, his eyes widening.

"kum.. Assalamualaikum. I didnt know you were here" he said still surprised.

"Walaikumassalam. Yeah for deciding the date of waleema" I said making way for him to enter.

"Ohh" he said rubbing the back of his neck and smiled.We entered and he greeted everyone.

"Oh my Allah! She is beautiful Masha'Allah" he said referring to Ayeza and sat down in front of Samia, playing with Ayeza. As soon as he kept his index finger in her hand, she immediately curled her fingers and gripped his finger tightly.

"Aww.. Looks like she is already a fan of his khaalu" Samia said. There was a beautiful smile on his face watching Ayeza intently and I couldnt help but smile.

"Can I..hold her" he asked, his eyes on the baby.

"Sure" and Samia softly handed her to him. He delicately took her in his arms and walked around making weird faces and noises,  talking animatedly to her.

"He loves kids" aunty said smiling. The view was almost breathtaking, he, with a baby in his arms, holding her so carefully as if in a fear of hurting her.

"Sarah beta, can we have your famous cup of tea" uncle said making me look away from my husband. I used to make tea for uncle and aunty whenever I was here, and uncle would always say that I make the best tea, better than aunty and aunty would pretend to get hurt and then he would whisper in her ears that he was doing a formality and then would wink at me and I would always laugh out loud to that. Whenever I was home he would personally ask me to make tea.

"Sure uncle" I said and went into the kitchen to make tea and coffee, for him and myself. To make things quicker, I decided to make both of them simultaneously, but I forgot that I am not a pro like mamma and not to forget that I hate cooking, I was finding it difficult to manage both. When I was brewing the coffee, the water came to a boil and spilled on the gas. By the time I was cleaning up the mess, the milk which I had kept for coffee, boiled and came out of the utensil. Uff.

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