Chapter 20

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Yazan's POV

The whole car ride was silent. Both of us finding solitude in the outside world. As we were nearing our house, I remembered something and quickly fished in my pocket.

I cleared my throat and she looked at me.

"Umm..this is your wedding gift. I bo- I mean ammi bought this for you." I said extending my hand towards her.

Actually ammi bought it, but it was my choice. She took it saying a thank you.

"Actually.. Can you please wear it. The first thing ammi will inquire about, will be this" I said rubbing my hand at the back of my neck.

She nodded and opened the box, with difficulty, I might add due to the wound and kept looking at the ring. After a few seconds she took out the ring with her left hand and tried putting it on, but she wasnt even able to hold the ring. So I took the ring from her hand and slid it in her finger swiftly, earning a gasp from her.

As I turned around I realised that we had reached. We came out and there at the entrance stood the love of my life with the most beautiful smile on her face.

"Assalamualaikum ammi" I hugged her.

"Walaikumassalam my jaan" she said breaking the embrace.

"Now move. I have a daughter too now" she shoved me aside and captured Sarah in an embrace.

"What? I am hurt ammi" I said with a pout. Ammi chuckled and she smiled.

She has a beautiful smile.

I kept looking at her when Pop cleared his throat. I looked away and saw that they both had a mischievous smile on their faces, while Sarah was interested in the floor. After greeting Dad we entered the house and sat in the living room. The maid bought water for us. Sarah unintentionally picked up the glass from her right hand and instantly winced.

"Ya Allah, what happened Sarah?" ammi said holding her hand.

"Nothing aunty, its just a cut" she said quietly.

"YAZAAN" ammi said glaring at me. I was about to say sorry when Sarah interrupted,

"No aunty, its my fault. And dont worry, I'll be alright" making everyone in the room, smile.

"Ahan.. You are already defending him. Good. But dont defend him when its his fault. I will be more than happy to give him a piece of mind" ammi said mischievously and glared at me in the end.

I dont know why but I was feeling happy on hearing her comimg to my rescue.

"Rukhsana, bring the breakfast" ammi called for the maid.

"Ammi, I'll first take a shower" I said standing up and she nodded.

"Did you like the ring? Usi ne pehnaai h na (He himself put it on your finger)?" I stopped in my tracks and turned only to look at her response. She smiled and nodded. I think I saw a blush too.

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