Chapter 34 (1)

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So I have divided this chapter in two parts, as it was getting too long. The next part will be updated in a few hours Inn Shaa Allah.


There are times when you feel that nothing is falling into its place, how much you try to achieve that particular thing, you end up empty handed. Well, that has been my case since the last one week, wherein I have been trying to confess and I couldn't. Whenever I decide and gear up to tell him all my feelings, one thing or the other happens making me take a step back. And the most frequent reason is, me. Whenever I stand infront of him to tell him, and he stands their with his eyebrows raised, crossing his arms, with a pool of emotions in his beautiful green eyes, nothing comes out of my mouth. Not even a single sound dares to erupt from my throat and I stand there opening and closing my mouth like a fish, definitely making a fool of myself, and end up saying some stupid things like, 'Have you had dinner?'. Well that is not something stupid, but it definitely is, when we all had dinner a few minutes ago, together.

So yeah, I have been completely making myself a fool infront of him, since the past week. He must be thinking that he married to some lunatic. Aarrghhh.. I am actually hating my shy, introvert and non-expressive self right now. On the other hand, he is very much expressive, at least with me and his mother. Me and my family never had that kind of relationship, where we could talk about anything, and we were never expressive, all of us. With Wali, it was somewhat different. We would sometimes show our love to each other, but then instantly brush it off by teasing each other.

I didnt even hug my mother at regular occasions like he did all the time. This family was more than expressive, and at times, it was somewhat cliché, but I loved it. Well, I cant argue, I had my share of experiencing both.

Currently, we both were getting ready, as Hana and Mustafa bhai were leaving for London today, and I was very sad.

"Ready darling?" came his voice and I nodded, pinning my hijab. He came and stood behind me, as we both looked at each other in the mirror.

"You both can always talk on phone right" he said keeping his hands on my shoulder while I nodded sadly.

"Dont be sad, okay" he said and leaning forward kissed my cheek making my eyes go wide and he chuckled on my reaction.

"Get used to it darling" he winked at me and left the room saying he was waiting downstairs. I took my sweet little time to calm my heart which had sped its pace. It had been the same the last week, him stealing kisses, for one reason or the other making my heart go crazy as his lips touched my cheeks. It was as if he loved making me embarrass and blush.

Suddenly my phone rang, breaking me from my trance and I picked up the phone.

"Have you guys left?" came Hana's voice.

"No, we are leaving just now" I said taking my handbag and exited the room.

"What?? The flight is within two hours, not tomorrow morning" she shouted and I calmed her down saying we will reach on time.

"Aunty, we'll be late as the flight is at 11'o clock. So dont wait for us and go to sleep. Okay" I said with warning raising my index finger and she chuckled.

"Okay, mamma" she said patting my cheek making everyone laugh, "Now go. Or else Hana will eat you both" she said and we both nodded and left after saying salams.

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