Chapter 33

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Assalamualaikum beautiful readers!! So as I had told you all earlier that I had written a short story 'The Broken Path' for a one shot competition.. And ..I WON it. Alhumdulillah.. So all I ask you to go and read the story and vote and comment..thats it. And thank u all who have already done that. Enjoy.


Every morning brings something new for everyone of us, but this morning was about to bring me a whole lot of embarrassment. I couldnt sleep peacefully the whole night as I kept thinking, how in the world am I going to face uncle and aunty. I opened my eyes and came face to face with him and soon enough, last night's image flashed infront of my eyes making me blush. Our first kiss. As usual I was wrapped in his arms, our bodies mere inches apart as I looked at his handsome face, sleeping peacefully.

Reaching forward hesitatingly, I touched his cheek and then raised my hand to remove the strand of hair which was disturbing his sleep. As I caressed his cheek, a small smile graced my lips, and I didnt realised when my hand reached his lips. After hesitating for a few seconds, I touched his lips with my thumb and instantly his lips twitched upwards making me frown.

"Being bold my darling wife?" he said with his eyes shut and I immediately pulled my hand back and looked down as my heart started beating rapidly. I tried to wiggle out of his embrace but to no use, instead he pulled me even further if that was possible, and my face landed on his chest as he kept his chin on my head.

Talk about awkward.

And he wasnt sleeping, but was pretending to be asleep. And I was touching his face.. Ya Allah, please let this earth open and swallow me right now.

"Y-Yazan l-leave me..we are g-getting l-late for o-office" I stuttered while he chuckled and replied with a,

"Nope" popping the p. I kept on trying to free myself from his embrace, but who was I fooling, he is way stronger than me.

"Yazan..cant breathe..Leave me" I whined as my voice came out muffled and he chuckled and loosened his hold as I glared at him all the while trying to calm my heart which was going crazy on his nearness and his touch.

"Let me go. Uncle and aunty must be arriving" I said pushing him a little and he again pulled me towards himself shaking his head.

"Only on one condition" he said raising his index finger and I gulped. Seeing the look on his face, I knew something very horrible was coming.

"W-what?" I asked and he smiled while having a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"You will have to kiss me" he said patting his lips with his index finger. My eyes widened and I looked away while trying to hide the blush as my stomach did somersaults as I again remembered the experience of our first kiss.

At that very moment, the bell rang indicating the arrival of our parents and I took a sigh of relief, that now he will leave me. But to my dismay, he never did. I kept looking at him for a whole minute thinking he would free me from his embrace, but no, as he kept smirking.

"Yazan, uncle and aunty are standing at the door" I said in a duh tone.

"Complete the condition and I'll leave you" he said and I sighed defeatedly.

"Okay" and he grinned. I propped on my elbow and he loosened his grip on me as I started leaning towards him slowly. He kept looking at me with intensity and his hands fell to the sides when I was just inches apart and he closed his eyes, while it was my time to smirk now. Raising my hand, I slapped his forehead lightly and before he could react, I pushed him and ran out of the bed and into the washroom.

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