Chapter 23

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Two days to go for the waleema and all I have been doing for the past week The one thing I hate the most. As soon as I would step into the house from office, mamma would drag me to the market, from one shop to the other. Once mamma very hesitatingly took me to a lingerie shop, and I literally ran out of the shop upon realising what type of shop was that. It was so embarrassing that I just wanted the earth to swallow me. After that mamma didnt say anything. I already have that horrible dress hana gave me, buried into the depths of my wardrobe. I remember the day when I reached home the next day of my marriage. The first thing that I did on reaching my room was call her and scream my lungs out on her, while she was laughing hysterically. Devil.

It has been a week since the incident at office and he hadnt had the liberty to talk to talk to me, let alone apologize. He wasnt even glancing at me and I too had played along, both of us living an employer-employee relation. Stephen had tried many times to make us talk but I had ignored it like anything. After coming back from office that day, I had waited for his call the whole night, with tears in my eyes.

He has my number. Maybe he'll call.

Maybe he'll apologize.

But it never came. And from the next day a new level of ignorance started between us. He was behaving as if I did something wrong. Arggghhh..

My mood swings had taken a new level the past week. I got irritated on small things, I didnt talked to anybody, although thats my nature, but anybody means not even wali. Whenever he came to my room, I would just ignore him and when he tried to grab my attention I had just shouted on him, his exact words being,

"Okay hulk, I am going. Geez whats gotten into you" and he left making me regret my behaviour.

I was in office right now waiting for the clock to struck 6 so that I can just go home and sleep. I had been barely getting sleep due to all the shopping in the evening and his thoughts in the night. He had left the office early today, may be had gone for some meeting. I shrugged and resumed my work.

I saw a black mercedes outside my house upon reaching and my sleep long gone. Uncle and aunty must have come. I entered the house and shouted my Salam entering.

"Assalamualaikum mamma, baba, uncle, aunt-" but stopped midway on seeing the person, making my heartbeats increase.

"Walaikumassalam" everyone said in unison. There he sat with my family looking all handsome watching me with a smile.

Oh now you want to smile. Huh.

I looked away and went to the kitchen to have water. I perched on the kitchen top and started drinking muttering a Bismillah.

"Hey wifey" came his voice and I choked on the water, and started coughing. He immediately came to my side and patted my back,

"You okay?" he asked worriedly. I stepped down from the kitchen top, away from his touch and stood crossing my arms. The coughing subsided, a few tears ran down my cheeks due to the effect.

"What are you doing here?" I asked in a clipped tone.

His face fell but he smiled in an instant and came forward,

"These are for you" he said extending his hands which held a beautiful bouquet. I stared at his hands, my heart beating wildly. I love flowers and always loved the idea of someone giving them to me. But I stood my ground, my ego taking over, crossing my arms.

"Please.. I know you like flowers" he said extending them towards me and I raised my eyebrows. He kept looking at me and I hesitatingly took the flowers.

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