Chapter 11

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Yazan's POV

"Khudahafiz ammi, Pops"

I hurried out of my house to my car before anyone would grab me and start asking the same old things "Marriage".

I sighed deeply and drove towards office. Now when I have agreed that I will think about it and that too just because of their happiness. I know I will not be able to run away from them for too long. Ya Allah what had gotten into me when I spoke those words.

"Ya Allah, help me" I whispered running my hand through my hair. I have to think about it knowing that it will give immense happiness to my parents and I can do anything for their happiness and smiles which led me back to the event of saturday.

Last saturday when I came back home from office it was late around 11. I entered unlocking the door with my keys ever so silently so that no one wakes up. I entered and closed the door behind me. As I was passing the kitchen, I saw a dim light coming out of the kitchen.

I went inside and saw ammi sitting on a chair with her head down on the small dining table we have in our kitchen. She was sleeping uncomfortably yet peacefully. Her face was beautiful as if emitting noor (light). I smiled a little and tiptoed to her.

I slowly put my hand on her head and whispered softly "ammi"

She woke up slowly and beautifully smiled at me.

"Why are you sleeping here ammi? And what are you doing here in the kitchen so late?" I asked sitting on the chair next to her.

"Go wash your hands and eat food" she said getting up from the chair taking the bowl of food with her and putting it in microwave.

"Ammi, why do you wait for me. I am late most of the times, I can do that on my own" I said pointing towards the microwave "and besides you need proper and timely sleep. Why do you stress yourself" I said shaking my head and heading towards the basin to wash my hands.

"I will, when you get married and have someone to wait for you" ammi said calmly taking out the bowl and putting it on the table making me groan internally.

I preferred not to reply and dug in the most fabulous yummy biryani made my her. She came and sat beside me watching me eat silently.

"I went to her house today" ammi spoke suddenly in her calm voice.

"Whose house ammi?" I asked licking my fingers. Mmm.. Yumm.

"Sarah. The girl who I saw at the marriage. For you." and immediately my head snapped towards her and my eyes popped out.

"Ammiii" I whined and returned back to my food. But all my hunger was gone and the yummy biryani also couldnt trap me in its trap and I started playing with the food looking down not wanting to argue with ammi.

"Yazan, beta they are very nice people. They are very simple. The girl is also very nice, humble and polite. She also got a job today only and she was so happy. The happiness was emitting from her face. I dont know but I have the feeling that she is the one for you" ammi said stressing on the word she.

I looked up at her and there was some undescribable emotion on her face. The emotion was not of sadness, but of happiness. She was looking at the window with her lips curved upwards a little and an automatic smile came on my lips.

I put my hand on hers and she looked towards me and smiled making me smile back.

Aah. That breathtaking smile. If just talking about my marriage makes her so happy then I can't even imagine the feeling when I get married. And I don't know what got me and the next words that came out of my mouth made me freeze..

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