Demi's mouth dropped open in horror. She didn't know whether to sob or scream. One the one hand, Kesha was her cousin and whom Demi had been worried sick about. But on the other, she wasn't exactly known for being Kesha's favourite person.

Instead, Demi simply stated at Vicki helplessly. She swayed a little from side to side, her fingers outstretched in an attempt to keep her balance. Demi feared that she was going to collapse.

"I'm sorry," Vicki apologised quickly, reaching out to steady Demi, but pulling back a before actually touching her. "I tried to persuade her to come with me to see you. I've wanted her to open up to me since I found her. She's just..."

"Stubborn," Demi finished weakly. Her hand went up to her forehead and she rubbed it defeatedly. "She's just stubborn."

"I'm saying it's time to find Demi," Vicki said gently, offering Kesha a supportive smile. She waited with baited breath. This was the leap of faith. Either Kesha would finally be brave and face her fears, or Demi would wind up in court for something she didn't do. So, potentially, could Vicki.

"No!" Kesha yelled, after a slight pause. "You're wrong. You don't know what you're talking about!"

"But, Kesha," Vicki pleaded. "I thought-"

"You thought wrong! I can't go back. I can never go back!" Kesha jumped up from the bathroom floor, shaking Vicki's restricting hands off her wrists. She rushed to the door, stopping to stare at Vicki with red eyes and tears running down her cheeks. "She'll just leave me again. I won't let her leave me again!"

Vicki's mouth gaped open in horror. She stood up, walking after Kesha. Her face was strict, but inside she was scared. Kesha was unstable, there was no reasoning with someone like that.

"She'll go to jail, you know," Vicki said warningly. "You'll get her locked up for no reason. Who's leaving who this time?"

The only response Vicki got was the sound of the front door slamming. She sighed, head in hands. She knew Kesha wouldn't be gone forever. The girl had nowhere to go and still hardly knew the area. But that still didn't help. Vicki couldn't make progress on getting Kesha back to Demi when she knew nothing about the woman.

Then it struck her. Lots of people didn't know Demi, but still managed to know ever about her. Vicki rushed over to her laptop and began searching the we for information on popstar Demi Lovato. With Kesha gone, there was on risk of being caught. In fact, Kesha never even had to know.

Vicki only stopped her research when it hit lunch time and Kesha still hadn't reappeared. She found the girl at the local park, hiding underneath the slid. Vicki carried the cold, crying girl home and tucked her into bed for the rest of the day. While the young girl rested, Vicki learnt everything should could about Demi, including where to find her.

"She's always been like that," Demi said in a shaky breath after Vicki explained what had been happening over the past couple of days. She began telling Vicki how Kesha had been since her arrival in the country.

"Sounds like you haven't had a great visit," Vicki offered lamely once Demi had finished her story. Demi shrugged, trying not to cry.

"I just wish I knew why..." Demi choked out. Vicki bit her lip guiltily, shuffling on the spot. "What?" Demi demanded.

"I-I think I know why," Vicki mumbled anxiously. Demi's eyes widened and she grasped Vicki's arms tightly.

"Why? Tell me!" She begged, gripping the woman tightly. "Please!"

"Well," Vicki began slowly. "She hasn't said much. Actually she tried not to talk about you, because it upsets her. But she said that you left her. She's mentioned that a lot, especially in her sleep. So, I don't know if that helps or anything..."

Demi wracked her brain, desperately trying to remember a time when she had left Kesha over the past few weeks. There had been occasions where she had left, but she had always come back. Or they'd texted each other - not that Demi had realised it was Kesha's number at the time - and she had always been for her then.

Suddenly it struck her. The phone.

"Don't worry baby girl, I'll come and get you someday. I'll save you," young Demi vowed, as she picked three year old Kessie up and started to carry her towards her aunt's demanding voice. "And I promise to call you everyday until then too!" She tried to make her voice sound grownup, like her mother's, so that the younger girl would believe her.

After the car containing her baby cousin had sped away, Demi remained standing on the driveway alone. She had felt anger bubbling up in side of her, knowing that her aunt and uncle had taken the little girl away. That they wanted to take her away forever.

"I'll never leave you," she whispered to the now empty road. "I promise I'll find you and get you back as soon as I can. Even if I can't ever find or help you, I swear I'll help every other girl who needs me to make up for it! I'll make it up to you for letting them take you away, baby girl. Just you wait and see. Wait for me Kessie, and I'll find you..."

"I promised I'd call," Demi whispered broken. "She was only three years old, I didn't think she'd remember it, but I promised I'd call. I never did. I promised myself I'd find her one day. I never did that either. I had to wait until my uncle called my mother, asking for Dallas, because there wasn't anybody to babysit her while they were away. But I was the only one who was free and I said I'd do it, because hey, it'll be fun to see my little cousin again, and wasn't it great when she used to come over and play. I'd forgotten how much she used to cry. How scared she was of the world. It wasn't until I saw her again that it started to come back to me, but now it's too late. She's almost all grown up and she's as broken as I was. And I swore that would never happen. But it did... because I left her... I wasn't there for her when I should have been... And I was too caught up in my own little world to know it..."

Vicki watched the tears running down Demi's face in an unstoppable flood. The singers face had melted into a soggy mess of guilty. Anxiously, Vicki opened her mouth to comfort the woman - although how, she didn't know - when there was the sound of a floorboard creaking from down the corridor. Demi's head shot up and Vicki spun around. They both waited with baited breath.

From the doorway of Vicki's room, a messy head of blonde hair peaked shyly out.  Her small frame was dwarfed in the doorway. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, which were focused on Vicki.

"Vicki," she said vulnerably. "What's all the-"

Her eyes travelled to the other person in the room. Her mouth dropped open as her while world stopped. For a moment, nobody breathed.


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